in the sugar basin

I asked Twitter to give me a topic to blog about today, as my head is full of Sharepoint and therefore nothing worth sharing. I liked Donna’s suggestion the best, so here are some gender neutral names for an educational presentation about vagina:

  • The Care and Feeding of Your Love Cave
  • Vagina: It’s Not a Dirty Word
  • Fantastic and Elastic: The Wondrous Flesh Sheath
  • Tiptoeing Through the Garden
  • We Came in Peace
  • Fibromuscular! Tubular! Tract!
  • It Cleans Itself: The Story of the Vagina
  • What? New Pussycat?
  • Pulling Back the Beef Curtains
  • What’s Up Down There
  • To Love Your Glove
  • Have a Piece of Puffy Cake
  • We’ve All Been There: The Vagina

.. I could do this for days, but I have an intranet to rebuild. Add your own suggestions below! Remember: it has to be gender neutral!

2 thoughts on “in the sugar basin

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