Last month I stumbled upon Hatchcraft, makers of bamboo shadow boxes to display your Instagram photos. I immediately ordered a bunch of them, because getting prints of my iPhone images makes me very, very happy. They arrived last week, but I’ve been too busy admiring them to mention it until now:

click to embiggen the pretty

Besides the delicious irony of using Hipstamatic to take pictures of my Instagram prints, the boxes are *gorgeous*. Hatchcraft prints your images on special photo paper of extreme fanciness for long lasting pretty, and the boxes themselves are made of bamboo and come in three shades of woodiness. I ordered four, but one was a print of this picture of Hobbs that I ordered specifically for Ed, since they are completely gay for each other. The other three are for my desk and feature some of my favourite Instagram shots I’ve taken. I’m really impressed with how they turned out – if you’re looking for an awesome way to display some of your pretties, get some Boo Boxes from Hatchcraft. Your images will show up on the Gallery – you can see what I and other people have ordered. Fun!

Hipstamatic also does photo printing – they come in sets of 9 in a neat package that doubles as a display. I’ve decided that I am doing an Art Installation, so I’ve ordered a bunch of Hipstamatic prints that all fall into a theme – I’m going to mount them somewhere, and call it Art. I can do that, right? I am a sensitive artist!

I like iPhone photography.

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