on the sauce

One of the things I’ve heard repeatedly over the last month or so is that the food at Cuban resorts is pretty bland, because they try to appeal to our delicate Western palettes or something. I like my food like I like myself: spicy and out of control, so the thought of eating boring pale food for a week concerns not just me but also my traveling companions. We have a plan, though: we are bringing spices. Ed has packed a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot; I’ve got packets of peanut butter and chili flakes, and I’ve been hording McDonald’s salsa packets for weeks. Also, this:

tiny spice bottles !!!

While digging through our junk drawer for some tape, I came across these tiny tiny bottles from Daiso meant for portable soy sauce. I’m not too crazy about soy sauce, but I do love other flavours – so with the the help of a tiny tiny turkey baster shaped like a sunflower, I filled six bottles with:

  • Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce (x3)
  • Spicy and delicious balsamic vinegar
  • Coarse black pepper
  • Strawberry balsamic vinegar

They’re so small! The ridiculous girl in me thinks miniature things are adorable and astronomically better than large things (two obvious exceptions being paycheques and penises), so while Ed was pragmatically pointing out that I have empty travel-sized bottles I could use to hold a great deal more sauce, I happily ignored him to coo over my tiny wee mini bottles of squee. So cute!

Adorable bottles aside though, I am seriously bummed out. I have three shipments of things coming my way that I desperately hoped would arrived today – some new makeup, an underwater camera from Photojojo, and some LEGO pieces for my Heart Shaped Blox display. Unfortunately, the mailman came and went with only one envelope for me, containing exactly 12% of my LEGO order: the padded envelope had been ripped open and taped back up, with almost all of my ordered pieces missing. I’m sad I won’t have the underwater camera or makeup for my trip, but really choked about the missing LEGO – yes, I have a display ready to go and it’s really awesome, but I wanted to go on a crafting blitz tomorrow and make more Heart Shaped Blox for Got Craft (because I keep selling the pieces I had set aside for myself), and now I don’t have enough supplies. I am sad.

.. okay, slightly less sad – while typing this up, my underwater camera got delivered. HOORAY! Pictures of fishies, STAT!

Still sad about the LEGO, though.

2 thoughts on “on the sauce

  1. Good idea! If you like ketchup bring that as well, the ketchup there tastes funny….my fries were not the same.

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