we’re blue, we’re white

It’s easy to tell when there’s a soccer game going on, because it’s pretty much impossible to enter or leave my neighbourhood. Also, it’s very loud – there’s a lot of singing and cheering going on. I never really knew what it was all about, but last night Shan managed to score 4 free tickets to a game against the Montreal Impact. We’ve been talking about going to a soccer game since they started playing next to my house, and last night was as good a night for free sports as any, so off we went.

It turns out all the noise is made by the Vancouver Southsiders, who are the official rabid soccer fanboys of the Whitecaps FC and are completely awesome. Our seats happened to be two sections away from their official areas, so we got to watch the singing and chanting up close and personal like. It was hilarious and infectious, and I loved it:

loud noises!

tot is the head coach of the whitecaps

soccer at the foot of grouse mountain is awesome

it took most of the game before someone realized you could rhyme "pink" with "stink"

I am juggling several birthday celebration ideas, and it just so happens there’s a Whitecaps game on my birthday. HMMMM.

It was a jolly, if somewhat chilly, evening.

what up, wooden rollycoaster

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