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I’m honest enough with myself to know that, deep down, I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and also karmic retribution. Vengeance isn’t a pretty trait, but sometimes it’s just so satisfying that I shiver with flavour and tiny little orgaslettes. Like now! Facebook pages fade away, but I have over ten years of content online and meticulously groomed and I never, ever forget!

I figure we could all use some good news, so here:

photo credit: unknown

This fine young gentleman is Jason Li of Richmond BC. There are numerous claims that he was actually a hero and was trying to stop the destruction, but many videos prove otherwise and show him breaking the window of the BMO downtown. Jason attends – or possibly attended, as there are rumours that he was expelled at the instant of his arrest – McRoberts Secondary. In addition to being an Air Cadet, he is also an amateur actor:

He was caught this afternoon at school, where he shall live on in infamy:

from the McRoberts Secondary page on Wikipedia

Good work, everyone.

But that’s not all!

photo credit: unknown

Meet Nathan Kotylak from Maple Ridge, BC! Nathan, while not lighting cop cars on fire in downtown Vancouver, is a star water polo player who attends the University of Calgary on a scholarship. He’s the son of a doctor, and an Olympic hopeful. Here’s what he looks like when he isn’t committing cowardly acts of destruction in my city:

This photo, and the accompanying article, appeared in newspapers all over the Lower Mainland less than two months ago. How far Nathan has come since then!

photo credit: unknown

This is Brydon Harker, who attends Delta Secondary. Brydon would like you to please not judge him for his actions, because the window was already broken and he just made a “drunk mistake”. I’m sure we can all forgive him, right? After all, boys will be boys!

There are HUNDREDS of these. I could go on all night. I want these people to be forever tied to their actions last night; for their names to be known by everyone who loves this city – Vancouver, where NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE FROM – and to be made to pay for their crimes. And they will. And I am just human enough to know that the thought of their humiliation for years to come makes me REALLY, REALLY HAPPY.

I’m sure you’ll forgive my vengeful fantasies – it’s just a drunk mistake!

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    • Who is the guy in the Yellow shirt? Hope he gets caught and tried in court. Would be nice to know the name of his business too. God forbid anyone hires him.

  1. You can reach Dr Greg Kotylak @ [removed coz that’s not cool] to tell him he should have told his son what it means when you light a police car on fire — a criminal record — which usually means you never graduate from university, you never leave this country, you never get hired from any reputable company, and this is for the rest of your life.

    • No need to put up his Dad’s phone number. Let the authorities take care of it. This is a piece of shit move man. Take it down.

      • PLEASE PLEASE ensure that you people stay calm in this , do not reveal people’s personal information, addresses or telephone numbers, please,…. this is not a good move…
        People after all are innocent until proven guilty, and by posting phine numbers you make yourself almost as guilt as these offenders, so please exercise some restraint, and think about what you are doing, Thanks

      • you nailed it Steve. Leave the families out of this- they are most likely suffering enough already. stupid move David.

      • Sometimes good people have children who make bad decisions. I’m sure that if their son is a water polo player they worked hard to give him a good life and teach him sportsmanlike skills. Their son failed them. No need to make their parents suffer – punishing their children is enough.

    • yep, exactly what these scum bags need , to learn the hard way of what it means to take responsibility for their screwed up actions, and that’s where we the public come in.
      And yes, I would never never hire this scum bag, or any others that were involved with last nights disgraceful action, that did not allow me to go home until 3am in the morning, as all roads to the downtown were locked down until then.
      These people need to be exposed like this, so that as you said, get publically TOTALLY humiliated , excellent idea. And I urge anyone else who has video or pictures to turn them over to the VPD as soon as possible so that they can take the appropriate action.

      • There is a difference between the guy and his Dad. To harass his parents at work is the same mob mentality bullshit that you are so passionately rallying against. I swear to God, human beings are so dumb and knee-jerk reactionary. The kids is caught, why in the hell does his Dad who is a Doctor and thus a contributing member to society have to be tortured by strangers for this? The burden is on the kids alone. Has your family member ever done anything? Did you have to pay for it? Fucking sick people. Take the number down

      • The phone numbers and addresses are just as bad as kicking in windows and torching cars. This kids parents are already dumbstruck and ashamed of what their idiot son did… you feel it necessary to invite ppl to harass and harm them for their son’s idiocy?!?! Relax… the kid will get his share of consequences. The main one being every time he looks into his parents eyes, he’s going to be forced to remember what a dink he is and quite possibly, the next time he’s at the scene of a potential crime, he may choose to not partake. BwwaHAHAHAH! Who am I kidding? He’s an idiot. He’d do it all over again if he had the chance.

      • This is great that you are identifying these scum. They need to learn from their actions by facing the humiliation of their stupidity for the rest of their lives. The last thing anyone should be doing is just giving them a slap on the wrist. That would just say it’s okay to do this kind of thing.

    • Whoa there. Too far. This comment should be deleted. We don’t need this kind of vengeful bullshit taken out on family members. Come on Kimli, you clearly like your privacy, you may want to afford it to those who had nothing to do with these crimes. (And hope you aren’t posting anything about minors, since you could find yourself on the other side of the law, and suddenly in the public view)

      • I removed the phone number – there’s no need to harass the parents; if Nathan is in university then he is an adult and responsible for his own actions.

      • The law is not going to waste time prosecuting bloggers on this one. They are too busy using the posts to identify the young criminals. They tend to pick their battles and the backlash from the public is not worth the time in court.

      • If he’s an adult and responsible for his own actions, why post his father’s name in the first place? The idiot wouldn’t have been able to post the father’s phone number if the writer didn’t start naming his family members for no good reason.

    • Why would you feel bad for the parents? They raised the animals to be disrespectful hooligans when they thought they could get away with. Oh, the parents are just as much to blame here I am afraid. It is our job to guide our children and teach them right from wrong. Children that are parented well would not do this.

      • while I’m not making excuses for anyone’s parenting here, I don’t think parents are “just as much” to blame. Most of these people are older than 15, should be able to think for themselves and know that there will be consequences to their actions. Also, there is something called mob mentality; just because kids are parented well does not mean they won’t submit to peer pressure.

      • That’s a crock….this guy is an adult and makes his own decisions…blaming the parents is bullshit!! My parents were wonderful and did there best to raise me properly and definitely taught me right from wrong yet as a young adult in my early twenties….when you start to think you know better then your parents…I did some pretty stupid things and I bet so did you. Nothing this bad but stupid none the less!!! Give the parents a break!! We all do our best as parents but our kids are still their own person. they will ultimately make there own decisions….for better or for worse… no matter what we have taught them!!!

      • Disagree, I know three children from same family and two are fine but one is a bum. There are many factors other then parenting and once most kids are around 16 they either choose the right path or the wrong path.

      • “children that are parented well would not do this”…JP are you kidding? do you have a degree in child psychology? do you blame your mom every time you say or do anything dumb? my parents taught me right and wrong, they were amazing parents, and I was still an idiot when I was a teenager. blaming the parents lets this young adult off the hook for acting like an ass-clown.

    • Feel bad for the parents ???
      Obviously they did not do a good enough job in raising their kid to be respectful of others, to be kind to others, to not get into criminal activity, so no, I do not feel anything towards them, except the fact that all people involved in this evenings behaviour, be brought to justice, to be humiliated, to be taught what it means to be truly sorry for what they did, which should include but not limited to having to talk to kids in schools about this, about the consequences and about how it will affect their life, suck as criminal record, no international travelling, no government job, no post secondary education……

      • I hope you don’t have kids that make a mistake some day dude. I’m sure you’ll be a perfect parent, and your kids will be little angels, just like you are.

      • “I’m sure you’ll be a perfect parent, and your kids will be little angels, just like you are.”

        If by “perfect angel” you mean a child that doesn’t go around destroying PUBLIC property after a hockey game, then by all means, that shouldn’t be difficult.

  2. And all of them from the ‘burbs, not actually Vancouver or anywhere relevant to it. Big surprise. Nothing good comes from those hell-holes.

    • holy crap, i’d rather be from a “hell hole” where at least people aren’t smug elitists. I can’t even believe anyone could be this pretentious.

      • Kudos, Eddie. Good for you for speaking up against the @Endling ‘s ignorant attitude. I have friends from Vancouver who are ashamed to share their city with elitists like that.

      • Try being from Vancouver and seeing your neighbourhood’s cars burned, your local businesses trashed, and shattered glass on a once beautiful street. And who’s been getting the international infamy for being “citizens who hate their city?” We are, the “pretentious” Vancouverites. We love our city, and when suburb trash turn our city’s reputation into a international laughing stock, we’re not playing nice anymore.

        I disagree that all the suburbs are hell-holes, but i’m sure not impressed when suburb hooligans come into my city and trash it.
        And look, he was right, all three of these guys are from the ‘burbs. I’m sure a lot of them were too.

      I grew up in the country side, I am a well adjusted ,contributing member of society, I have not engaged in any criminal activity, I have good parents, I have a good life, and I LOVE VANCOUVER, and now I live in the city, but to say that nothing good comes from outside of Vancouver is TOTALLY SOOOOO NARROW MINDED, and shows that you are no better than these jerks….please get yourself together and think before you speak….. or shut the hell up.

    • you cannot honestly say all the rioters are from the burbs…you have zero idea of how many are from the burbs and how many are from vancouver …or anywhere else for that matter!….just these 3 idiots from the burbs were dumb enough to get caught…

    • for all intents and purposes, the suburbs are just as much vancouver as the downtown core. the bulk of people that make downtown tick and hum don’t live there, they commute.

      • Very true, however the distinction is that those in the suburbs don’t pay Vancouver municipal taxes (which pay for police, fire, clean up, and emergency response in Vancouver). So when someone from Maple Ridge destroys a $75,000 police cruiser, that’s 75k that could have gone towards under funded community centres etc. in Vancouver. I would hope that the city of Vancouver not only pursues criminal charges, but a civil case against the young man.

    • Wow. Totally uncool. Im from one of those “he’ll hole” burb cities. That is totally out of line. Just because we don’t live downtown doesn’t make us bad. Your comment makes you look clueless

      • I agree with you, however, citizens of Vancouver proper are upset because it’s their tax base that pays for the clean up and police.

    • Sadly I am sure plenty of people from Vancouver itself did this. These are just a few examples that happen to be from other cities. Trying to pretend it was just done by others is pretty weak. There are certainly people in the city that bare blame.

    • I take offense to this. I live in Surrey and I am sick of everyone pinning it on suburbs.

      I GET that a lot of the people causing this are not from Vancouver, but the attitude people have lumping non-Vancouverites into the “drooling rednecks” PISSES me off, and is incredibly unfair.

      Take, for example, the Surrey gathering site that had thousands of people. There wasn’t so much of a puppy fart that happened to create any issues, which is why the mayor here sent the police force to Vancouver.

      Stupid people are stupid, no matter where they are from, and you calling suburbs hell-holes, well in my opinion your attitude is just as bad as the looters/rioters.

      • I agree. Is it even a surprise that a lot would be from the burbs? Most people living in the area are from the burbs, Vancouver itself is not that large so of course many of those taking part in these shameful activities are from elsewhere. I find this need to find scapegoats to be pretty sad. There are lots of people to blame here and they are going to be from all over the place, including Vancouver. People do indeed shit on their own lawn.

      • I think it should be noted that while many of the rioters were from the suburbs, so were the people that came to clean up the city the next day. We’re all sharing in the blame and in the process of trying to pay back for what was done to our city, so we should not be pointing fingers at whether the rioters were mainly from the suburbs or from inside of Vancouver.

  3. This is great. I think this people should be called out publicly and their friends and family made aware of what they have done. What I do have a problem with is that you are saying that these people aren’t actually from Vancouver. Correct, they currently don’t live in Vancouver proper but they are residents of cities that are all part of what makes up Metro Vancouver as a whole. Part of one society. It doesn’t matter if you need to take a 10 minute Canada line ride or cross over a bridge to get to their houses, implying that “Vancouverites” are not responsible is wrong. Are you, yourself not residing in North Vancouver? Do you not consider yourself “from Vancouver?” It’s counter productive to start blaming various parts of our region and time to start taking responsibility as society.

  4. While they were allegedly destroying property, gloating about them being arrested and their lives being ruined isn’t going to do any good. This is really dark pleasure you people are enjoying, and doesn’t give you any moral high ground.

    • Go play devil’s advocate somewhere else. Many of these people will get away with nothing other than being shamed on the internet.

    • He’s illustrated an important point: Stupid one-time mistakes can have serious consequences. The more ways we have to illustrate this point to kids, the better. I’m definitely going to make reference to this, so I’m glad it was posted.

    • I also have to agree with Steven. What they did was terrible and they should be punished, there’s no question. But public humiliation like this can be life ruining!! And you’re all enjoying this?? I feel dirty..

      • If someone set fire to your car, destroyed your home, or if a score of rioters attacked your loved one, beating him/her senseless, you might be a little upset as well and want the perpetrators caught and penalized. It’s not necessarily gloating.

      • Paul – Look at what Drew said below.

        Many of these people will walk away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, which is as unjust as the riots themselves.

        People need to realize that the “I was young!” or the “I was caught up in the moment!” or “It was only a one time thing!” arguments are easy ways to let people away from doing something that is despicable to humanity.

        Would you feel the same if one of those cars had exploded and killed a person? Or if the glass had flown in and cut someone severely enough to go the hospital? Or if someone had gotten raped? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

        These people deseve the full punishment of the law, and they’re not getting that.

        However they do not deserve to get away scott free. Under NO circumstances do they deserve to use a get-out-of-jail free card for being caught in this violent, disgusting mob activity. Where does this shrugging off end?

        I get that some people, including you, feel that us applauding the public display of their pictures, so that no one will forget, isn’t right. And some of the people here, those who post their families information, are taking it too far. That said, these people need to be pointed out and shamed for what they have done. That’s the bed they made, and that’s the bed they deserve to lie in.

        I don’t care how young you are, how well you were raised, how clean your record was prior to this – Once something like this happens, you forfeit anonymity.

  5. All drunk high school kids..not mostly ‘anarchists’ as claimed by the lying VPD chief and mayor.

    And anyone here that claims they didn’t do something as idiotic as this (if not worse) when they were of that age is a liar.

    Look in the mirror hypocrites….

    • Generally speaking, if you did something *that* idiotic when you were of that age, you got yourself raised wrong. You might want to look in your own mirror first, because you seem to be dismissing all of this with a “oh, they’re just drunk kids, it’s okay, who cares”.

    • As burning a cop car? As stabbing someone? As kicking someone in the head? As attacking a police officer? As looting a building? Your logic escapes me, friend. Your cookie-cutter reasoning fails.

    • I did a lot of dumb shit as a teenager. But no, I never set someone’s car on fire, looted a store, or kicked someone in the head for trying to protect private property. My parents raised me properly. If you did, maybe you should talk to your parents about why they didn’t feel it was necessary to teach you about personal responsibility.

    • It’s disgusting that you are even trying to defend and justify these peoples actions. Some of us are actually productive members of society…yes some people might be hypocrites, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

    • WHAT ??? WTF … are you for friggin real ???
      I never participated in any action like this , because I was raised to respect others, other’s property, and would never ever participate in this type of behaviour. Have we all at some time in our lives done somthing we are ashamed of ….YES….. damaged other’s property, go looting, break store windows …… NO ….. NO and NO
      Are you telling us that this action is some type of turning of age ceremony ??? GET A LIFE,,,, I htink you are obviously one that has done this in the past ???
      WTF is wrong with people today ??
      I sometimes think that society is evolving, and then this happens, and then you see comments liek from PS, please….and it tells me that we are not evolving much at all !!
      Let’s decide that we are all part of one race…. the HUMAN race, and that we are all sharing one large home ….this planet we call earth…. and we OWN NOTHING….as all we are is a temporary CARE TAKER……some of us are doing a good job at it, and others are doing ok, and still others are not knowing how, and a few haven’t a friggin clue…. so, for those of us that do know, lets be the shining beacon, and by example show others how to be a part of a consciousness that is evolving and can be compassionate and can as a group show others that there is hope to evolve and become a better member of society…. YOU THINK WE CAN ????

      • please, calm down. I understand and appreciate all your points. Society is evolving, but human nature as a whole never will. As for becoming a better member of society; if friends and family of PS couldn’t reach him/her in real life, people like us leaving messages on the internet will not solve anything.

    • I never had the chance to light a cop car on fire, but did my share of dumb, regretful things. AS I have grown up, I am a proud community volunteer, small business owning, contributor to society! Get off you high horses, you are missing the point! Yes it was bad, and they should all be held accountable, now quit crying about it .

      • They are not crying, Daver. No one is crying except those who are learning the sword has two edges. This IS part of the human justice process. You seem to want this ‘fast-tracked’, or something. The way I see it, the brave brave faces making brave brave statements on their facebook pages and mugging for cameras should definitely NOT be let off the hook as soon as they say ‘oops!’. Consequences are like gravity. Nothing WE can do, man. Maybe you should ‘let it go’, how about that?

    • Iam no liar I never did anything like this & would never even consider doing it! The worst thing I ever did when I was 9 was play knockey knockey 9 door! What happen to those simpler days when we could leave our doors unlocked, walk the streets withour being in fear of having our purses snatched or assaulted for our jacket or shoes. Society as a whole has changed, kids are being raised by TV & Video games because parents have to work more hours to pay the ever increasing cost of living. Teen are left to their own devices, no supervision, no input as to whats right or wrong and where you draw the line. All these people that did this destruction weather fuled by booze or drugs need to tak responsiblity for their action, no one poured the booze down their throat, or light that joint & forced them to breath!! They should be made to pay restitution until the entire bill is paid off. I dont think the tax payers should pay for this, not one red cent! so the more people we find the less each of their bill to this city will be. Take the totasl amount of destruction & split it between whom ever is caught, if they broke one window or 10 it dosent matter they should all pay the same, just for being stupid idiots, an old saying is if someone jumped off a bridge & told you to do the same thing would u? Only if your an idiot.

    • Wait, WHAT PS? IF we didn’t do something like this? Are you completely kidding me? I MUST be a liar, then, because I was raised with the belief that this sort of thing was a pox against humanity, and I don’t think I know a single person that acted out in this sort of mob violence and mentality.

      Maybe these people will never do it again, but there’s no promise of that.

      Being able to act in such a violent manner SMACKS of some sort of hidden violent behavior.

      As for the “they were drunk”, I’ll leave you with this:

      “In Vino Veritas” – In wine (or cheap alcohol) there is truth.

  6. Heading over to Victoria to see family this afternoon, I was taken aback by the amount of 20 something clusters of young men that were traveling home from Vancouver. Some had black eyes, others hobbled on crutches, some still hunger over wobbled back and forth. The people who rioted the city I live in, came from all over!

    Also, love this blog post. More please!

  7. Thanks for the post Kimli. I had a similar post half written in my head. The mayor and police chief were blaming anarchists for the enactment of this riot. When you read the Facebook posts of the middle class brats that did this, you can see that this was the plan win or loose. Anarchy is a political movement, [] this was anything but political. They are board, angry teenagers that were fueled on plenty of booze, adrenaline, the power of mob mentality and the infamy within their peer groups. The boasts in their social media channels have replaced the bragging in the smoke-pits and washrooms of the high schools. It is a sad state of affairs and not the last we will see of this. It will happen here and in other cities across North America because it can be done and will be idolized by those that follow. They were chanting “Just like 94” before it happened and none of them had even been there. It’s confusing being young and it takes the guidance of the adults in our society to stop the young ones from these actions. The parents and elders of these children failed them.

    • Are you still planning on writing your post? I had one half-planned in my head from last night but am all burned out from reading these messages. You keep referring to how the parents of these children failed them and I cannot entirely agree with this. I’m still within the age group of the offenders up there so maybe I am biased and am lacking perspective here, who knows.

      • I am burnt out on this as well. When you are older and a parent it might make more sense. I am not saying that the vandals are blameless at all just that so many parents today “call it in” and don’t really teach their kids much. They tend to think the school system will handle if for them. I know it’s not as black and white as it all appears and I am angry and saddened by the actions as well.

    • To all of you blaming your parents: Didn’t you ever do anything your parents didn’t want you to? My dad was a cop and would be appalled to know that I smoked dope all through high school, or started drinking when I was 15. He tried hard, did his best, and when he wasn’t looking, I still did exactly as I damn well pleased. That did NOT include burning a cop car, looting stores or assaulting anyone. The people who did this succumbed to mob mentality because somewhere deep down inside, that’s who they are. It’s NOT their parents’ fault. Most of them probably have loving caring parents who are ashamed of their kids’ actions right now and don’t deserve any of this blame. Blame the people who did it — don’t give them the easy way out.

  8. 1) I’m pretty sure you can’t get expelled for committing a crime that has nothing to do with your school

    2) Really none of these people are from Vancouver? I highly doubt that. Besides when people say Vancouver they mean Vancouver and the surrounding area. You are just being an elitist douche thinking that no one who actually lives in “Vancouver proper” would do something so unbecoming.

    • Actually you CAN when you go to a private school that has a moral code about conduct – when you pay for an education you get an education but if you don’t take it seriously – they revoke that privilege ALL together.

      And to add to your Vancouver comment – MOST of these people who caused it are from Vancouver, Richmond and or Vancouver Island. Not surrey as originally accused.

  9. RIGHT ON….it is time that citizens take actio against stupid criminals like these dumb ass F%$#ks !!
    For starters , if you drink, and you know u make an ass of yourself, then stay HOME….. F&^%K off and leave other people aloone, leave our city in tact, as we wlecomed you down here to partake in a nice activity, a good enregy, and then you dumb ass screwballs turn it into a getto…….get a life…or in this case WE THE PUBLIC WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE A GOOD LIFE, AS ANY POTENTIAL EMPLOYER will NOT HIRE asses LIKE YOU !!!!

    You did not only fuck up other people’s lives, YOU also screwed up YOUR own life…. CONGRATULATIONS …. you people that participated in this last night, as all LOOSERS , and definitely not worthy of living in this beautiful city….get off the planet …..

  10. This is AWESOME. I can only hope this is done for every single person involved. I wish, for the rest of their lives, google results will highlight these actions. The consequences of these vile and criminal acts. Good luck with the future jobs and opportunities you arrogant jerks. On the flip side, I spent 5 hours downtown today cleaning up and met thousands of amazing people. THAT is the Vancouver I am proud to be a part of. Keep up the fabulous investigative work!

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  13. People people, it was stated that the majority of those arrested weren’t actually from Vancouver, so stop with your ‘elitist douche’ bullshit.

    Why would anyone that lives downtown/surrounding areas wreck their own place? Sure, there was probably a couple, but as per VPD the majority wasn’t so get off your moral high horse and accept the facts.

    As for the post, great job – keep ’em coming! These guys deserve everything they’re getting.

    • look, I think that most people have accepted that the majority of the people rioting were not from “the city of Vancouver”, but as we’re all (except for those from the Island, Alberta etc.) part of the GVRD, and most of us probably WORK and CONTRIBUTE TO Vancouver, I have a problem with you saying that we’re not from Vancouver. And for the record, those were not just Vancouverites who were cleaning up the city today, people from Burnaby, Richmond, etc. were there too.

  14. Please, remove names and photos. And post a message urging everyone to remove photos from the internet after submitting it to the police. Someone WILL see this and harrass their families. Don’t let Vancouver be known as a city of rioters and vigilantes.

    • I agree Mike. Nothing good will come of publicly shaming these people. Forward these kinds of pictures to the authorities and let them deal with it.

      • The whole idea of posting photos on all these sites is for IDENTITY for the police. If someone can ID these punks and pass it on the police, it makes their job much easier and they make arrests much faster. Plus better chance of parents seeing it.
        If I saw my child in one of those photos or videos, I (as hard as it would be) would notify the police! I did not raise my kids to behave that way or be any part of anything like that. I taught them con

  15. Post more! These people have no morals, no cares but for themselves!
    Many of my friends are lawyers, they said it will take YEARS before anything is done, if at all. These people for the most part probably know this and get away with it!

    Please continue to post!

  16. I hope that more of them are caught and castrated so that they may not breed.

    This truly offers an acceptable pardon to those who ever felt ashamed or awkward to be condescending. I am much better than this! I can say that without hesitation. I have been in the presence of such, and thus I say it with certainty.


  18. Two of these kids are in high school – are they minors?? Are you sure? It is illegal in Canada to identify a minor involved in criminal activity.

    Beyond that, I am thrilled that so much of the crap that went on last night was captured in photos and video and am grateful that the police will be able to ultimately find many of them.

    That said, we have a justice system for a reason – innocent until proven guilty by our court system, punishments handed out based on the crime as determined by that system, and sealed records for crimes committed by youth.

    We don’t have to agree with the system and I’ll be the first to admit it needs a lot of work, but jumping straight to punishment in the way of google bombing these kid’s names is – in my opinion – far from the right answer.

    Fight the system if you don’t agree with it, but mob justice? Count me out.

    Youth Criminal Justice Act – Protection of Privacy of Young Persons

    Identity of offender not to be published 110 (1) Subject to this section, no person shall publish the name of a young person, or any other information related to a young person, if it would identify the young person as a young person dealt with under this Act.

    • The law needs to be changed. Old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time. Plain and simple. If that’s the way it was, there would probably be no more of this crap by young offenders because they’d know that there is more than a slap on the wrist before the age of 18.

    • Considering the YCJA was created well before Facebook, and most social media, and the birth of instant media, it’s kind of hard to say “innocent until proven guilty” when there is video and hundreds of photo’s of you doing exactly what you are accused of.

      “What’s that you say? You didn’t smash a window?? Then who is this person, that looks exactly like you, doing exactly that, and you posted on your facebook page that you were in the area?”

    • These kids are publishing the pictures themselves on their Facebook profile. The laws that apply to this situation have yet to be written.

    • Miranda did you miss the pictures of these people committing these acts of destruction? OR their facebook posts bragging about how they F*&KED up S**T and broke windows, and stole merchandise and the list goes on and on and on. These people not only posed for their pictures and posted them onto social media like Facebook, they are admitting to the acts of violence. They demanded the attention and that is exactly what they are getting!

      Question: How many of the rioters from wed night are offspring/relatives of the rioters from 1994?

      • Of course I saw the photos and absolutely believe that everyone involved needs to be charged and face those consequences.

        Why I DON’T agree with is having that sentence determined by the public at large – this blog will be showing up in google searches for their names long after their sentence is complete and their dues are paid.

        As someone else said, how many jobs should they lose? When is their sentence over?

        This kind of mob justice has lifelong consequences and ruins lives.

        This week hell yes we are all angry, and these people should pay. But what about next year, in 5 years, in 10? Who are we to decide? Fight the legal system if you don’t agree, but this isn’t how justice in our country works.

    • Procedural note: it’s not illegal to publish the names and photos of people under 18, it’s only illegal to publish their names, if they’re charged with something, specifically relating the charge. If they’re convicted, same goes: they can’t be identified in relation to the conviction. You’d have to say “an unidentified youth was convicted of rioting during the Vancouver games.”

      So if these kids herein named get criminally charged, and/or convinced, we won’t be hearing about it in the media – not what they were charged with, not what their sentence was, etc. But private citizens publishing photos of them wrecking the city is perfectly fine; they’re in a public place and have no expectation of privacy. Identifying them is perfectly fine.

  19. Looks like organize anarchists to me. Keep troting out those pathetic lines VPD, Vancouver mayor and BC Premier. Your disgusting political spin makes your look as classless as your obvious fans just emulating in the streets what their joke of a “hockey” team tried to perpetrate on the ice. If the Canucks could not dive, whine, cry and bite their way to the Stanley Cup their fans will have a “party” anyways.

    Stay classless Vancouver, it’s all you know how to do.

    • This riot wasnt even about the hockey game! a select few jackasses came to the fan zone with molotov cocktails, crowbars etc with full intent on starting a riot, win OR lose. And as far as the Canucks go, ya, they lost, but they were in game 7 of the finals! Where were the Calgary Flames? Don’t put our team down because yours didn’t make it at all.

      • Actually if it were only a few select assholes doing this, why didn’t the loyal “true” Vancouver-ites turn on them and protect their precious city ? There were far more of them than the alleged few. Sorry, I don’t buy that bullshit.

        And Calgary guy, seriously, really? The majority of people from Vancouver are reeling enough from this, don’t add salt to the wounds. This is why I hate sports, because of douchebags like you. Hell, if it HAD been Calgary in this position, I bet you’d be one of the morons in one of the many photos circulating.

        You’re sure making our city look pretty classy right now.

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  21. These people need to be shamed. But I am hurt and upset at the comments about “non vancouverites”. I live in Langley, which is really not that far of a drive. I’m part of Greater Vancouver…so is Richmond and Surrey. I love the city and was as upset by the riots as everyone else. Vancouver IS MY CITY, so please don’t insult me by saying that it’s not and that apparently “my no good kind” is responsible for the riot. This type of prejudice makes me SICK.

    • That’s right Kiki. There are some that have been ID’d and they are not even from BC! Maybe there were some Boston fans in the mobs as well? Considering the way Bostonites were treating Canucks in Boston, wouldn’t be a far of assumption. All most of want is for them all to be held accountable…… no matter WHERE they live or work.

      • Perhaps the photos above are why “Bostonites”(whatever that is) treated “Canucks in Boston” the way they did. Nice try Christina. You have successfully identified yourself as a brain-dead moron. Stay classy babe!

        I like the photos with identification and I hope the consequences of their actions follow these idiots for the rest of their lives.

  22. Download every photo available, run google picasa and setup the face recognition. When you I.D. an individual, provide all evidence of their actions and notify the authorities. Also keep a record on the Internet. This is no longer the age of anonymity, we will know what you did, now and forever. You want fame, we will give you cause to rethink your actions. Thread softly you are threading on our city, our home, our community.

  23. This is awesome……please post some more (sans contact info!). Those of us who live in Vancouver and are truly angered and saddened by Wed night can take a little comfort in knowing that arrests are being made and people are indeed being held accountable.
    Thank you!

  24. I don’t really like this. Let me make it clear that I’m not condoning what happened. But as someone already pointed out, mob justice and public shaming is not the answer. Just because you have an incriminating picture of someone doesn’t make it right to publish their name and punish them yourself. If you have info about the names of people involved, send it to the authorities, it will be dealt with, but there’s no need to publish their names. And again, I’m not trying to justify what they did.

  25. public shaming is one of the best answers. hooray!

    there are rumours from supposed family friends that nathan kotylak has been expelled from UoC.

    nice article – this is just the beginning of the great Vancouver shaming of 2011. wow!

    it’s too bad for the hooligans that a simple googlesearch by prospective employers is all it takes for immediate blacklist in Canada until the end of time, but hey, rational upstanding members of society don’t try to blow up cop cars. in other countries, this type of thing could be seen as terrorism with all the harsh punishment that follows.

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  27. This is great! It’s really important for these people to be punished for their actions… they aren’t just “kids” — they know better!

    The best part? You posting their name with this article. Google searches by future employees will forever haunt them…

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  29. Kimli, how long should this humiliation follow these people around? How many jobs should they not get because of it? I’m asking because what you’re doing here doesn’t have an off switch, you’re basically trying to ruin lives in exchange for one bad night. How much is too much?

    I get the anger, and I think prosecutions should go ahead. But what you’re trying to do here, this goes beyond justice and into life-long punishment. Would you tolerate the same for your own mistakes?

      • I noticed you didn’t answer any other part of my comment. I don’t think we need modern scarlet letters. Have you forwarded this to the police?

    • Todd – I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think you quite get what has happened in Vancouver.

      Is it fair that these people are being singled out? Maybe not since there were hundreds of others that maybe didn’t have their picture taken doing the crime.

      Will this amount of persecution be a deterrent for would-be rioters in the future? I hope so.

      Would I tolerate the same for my own mistakes? I sure would if my “Mistake” was to set a police car on fire. But then again I don’t do those kinds of things so I’m ok with it.

      Am I ok with being too harsh in the individuals singled out to make examples out of then? – You betcha!

      I honestly hope that all these people lose their jobs, get kicked out of school, get a criminal record and regret participating for the rest of their lives because that’s what they deserve….

      And don’t blame Kimli – the information is out there, on the web, available for all to read and see. All Kimli has done is consolidated it and added her own comments in the hopes of spurring healthy debate.

      All that being said, there’s no stopping it now; their actions were going to haunt these people for the rest of the life’s as soon as the 100’s of smart phones started taking pictures. They obviously forgot they were living in the digital age.

    • For all those who say “you shouldn’t post this because it will follow them for too long” —

      Do you think that everyone in the future is stupid?

      I mean, if you believe that after these people should someday be able to pay their debt to society, and that this behavior should be viewed as a foolish thing they did in youth, why can’t somebody Googling them in five or ten years decide that for themselves?

      Do you think that you know, better than their future employers or dates, how to evaluate this conduct? Is your position “I am a Very Thoughtful Person, and can properly evaluate this information about this bad behavior, but other people are judgmental, and we mustn’t let them see this information, because they will not have the Proper Progressive MIndset to evaluate it properly?”

      Yes, this will follow them for years. And it should. Years from now, they can explain to employers, or colleagues, or dates, how this conduct was a “mistake” and how they redeemed themselves. And those future employers/colleagues/dates can make up their own minds about that.

      Bad actors do not have the right to maintain society’s ignorance about their behavior.

    • ” how long should this humiliation follow these people around? How many jobs should they not get because of it?”
      It has been pointed out elsewhere on this page that, were this to happen in many other parts of the word, those participating would be considered terrorists and dealt with accordingly. The consequences then would be considerably greater than humiliation or the loss of a job.
      “you’re basically trying to ruin lives in exchange for one bad night. How much is too much?”
      How many lives were (or could have been) ruined by someone WILLFULLY and with some amount of premeditation turning a police car into a giant molotov cocktail?
      “. Would you tolerate the same for your own mistakes?”
      A mistake is adding up your bill incorrectly or forgetting to call Grandma on her birthday, or tweeting pics of your junk when you’re married. Something that at least a modest portion of society can understand, if not relate to.
      I have never been wandering down the street, innocently taking my pet burning rag out for a stroll, only to trip and have it wind up in the gas tank of a police car. One doesn’t trip, fall through a plate glass window of a major department store whilst wearing one’s best velcro suit, accidentally carrying away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of merchandise by mistake. These people are criminals.
      I thank you for your consideration.

  30. One further note on the term “Vigilante”. I would equate what is going on here with the publication of rioters in action more along the lines of “Citizens Arrest” that “Vigilantism”. The collective thought that I have recognized is that people want the police and the courts to take action. We the people are well within our right to “walk” the accused to the door of the police station. In the world of social media the identity of those that commit crime are now no longer hidden. If they are guilty then let them have their day in court. But let’s all make sure that the day in court happens and that as many can be identified. Be mindful of the fact that the situation was declared an unlawful gathering and those that did not leave the scene once declared were breaking the law by their very presence. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no looking back in my opinion.

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  32. What i want, above it all Is that these criminais pay for the loses, all of it, material and moral. The burned cars, broken windows, bus stops, extra cost with police and fire depts and the most expensive, the city’s image with other provinces and countries. There’s a dollar amount to all this, and those responsible, including those who didn’t break anything but stayed around while police told them to leave, shoul definitely pick up this bill.
    I don’t care about ruining anyones life. People make mistakes. Sure criminal charges should be laid but I personally don’t need to see them being held in public demonstrations of shame.

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  34. I don’t feel sorry for the parents of these idiots…they are patially to blame…they raised them and taught them how to behave. People who act like this in a group have been taught they do not have to be responsible for their actions….well this time they do because society has pictures of their acts and don’t care about them as we don’t have personal relationships with them. They SHOULD be punished to the fullest, all should serve some jail time. If you think they are like this now what do you think they will be like in ten years? Wake up for anyone defending them…I don’t care if they were drunk behaving like this is unacceptable. They are spoiled brats that need to be taught a lesson. Not only should all their personal information be made public they should wear a scarlet letter letting people know who they are. It is a privilege to live in Canada. It is one of the best places on EARTH to live and they destroy property and hurt people for fun? No excuses…they should be punished to the full extent of the law AND society. The parents should also be held accountable with anyone 25 or under as they are to blame as well. Honestly if my son did something like this I would take him to the police department myself.

    • Several parents have taken their children to the police after discovering that said children were involved. Parents have a huge impact on who a person becomes as an adult but not the only influence. Were this not so no one would ever rise up to greatness from an abusive, horrible background and no one would ever be the one member of an otherwise upstanding and s”socially responsible” family who doies shit like this.

  35. Mothers and Fathers talk to your kids about this- teach them that just because the window was broken doesnt make it ok to continue smashing it- We cant raise another generation of kids who dont know right from wrong- there must be consequences

  36. This is great. I’d love to see more of them. And also one dedicated to the great people like the guy with his face painted who actually tried to stop these idiots.

  37. I was just thinking that while the police may or may not be able to catch and punish all those who participated, it would surely be a great, GREAT thing to have a list of all the douchebags so that we don’t haphazardly treat them with any common courtesy, respect or human decency should we happen to come across them one day in public. THANK YOU!!!

  38. I am an immigrant to Vancouver and have spent the last 20 years working 60 hour weeks to save up enough to build my business and send my daughters to college. My shop was completely destroyed, and my truck was set on fire. I don’t know what to do. So much work. My insurance won’t cover all of this damage. All I ever wanted to be was a good Canadian and a good citizen of Vancouver. I don’t know why they did this. What happened to the world? This is not right.

    Everything. They ruined everything. Even the display of stuffed animals in the window, they have broken glass all over them and I cannot sell them to children now. They stole everything that was worth anything and ruined the rest. I think someone even urinated on my cash register. Why did this happen?

    • Raj, I am so sorry that you have gone through this. I am embarrassed and angry for what happened in Vancouver. It has destroyed our reputation and it has put good, hard-working people like you in jeopardy.

      I know it isn’t much consolation, but I truly hope that you will be returned everything you lost tenfold.

      As a business owner myself, I can’t imagine going through what you have just been through.

    • @Raj – I am so sorry about your store, and your truck. As an immigrant I totally understand how hard is to get started when you move to a new place. And then you have to deal with this – so sad. Please send your story to news channels, they need to hear it, its inspiring and it shows how the act of some teenager idiots can affect a whole family for a long time.
      CTV, CBC – pls report Raj’s story!!!
      Also, if you re-open your store I am sure Vancouver citizens will be there to help you.
      Again, so sorry this happened.

    • I wish I knew what to say to comfort you even a little bit.
      Personally, I think it’s 100% BULL S**T that ICBC and the insurance won’t cover the cost to replace everything. It’s not your fault that theses boobs decided to be drunk and freaking STUPID over a hockey GAME! Why should you be peanalized as well? IT’s crap! I am hoping the politicians stick to their words and make these people accountable. They should not only arrest these people but they should also make it MANDITORY for them to pay back the cost of all the destruction they caused to innocent companies like yours. And they should be FORCED to go on TV, Youtube Facebook, etc and apologize to not only the business owners but all of Vancouver, Canada and the WORLD and exapling why they even considered doing that crap in the first place.
      Either that or go back to the old days and take them out and publicly spank them with large paddles while the world watches. My vengeful side says to do that latter option *evil grin*. But then I’ve been accused of being a mean bitch at times so….. lol
      Come on, tell me you wouldn’t like to watch them publicly humiliated and punished like that?!?!?!?!

      • Insurance can only cover something if you actually have that insurance. Not every B.C. motorist purchases “own damage” coverage. It is mandatory for B.C. motorists to carry “basic.” Basic coverage only pays for the damage of the other motorist if you are found at fault. If you don’t purchase comprehensive coverage (which covers fire, theft, vandalism, acts of God) and someone lights your car on fire, destroys it etc., there isn’t any special fund to help people that opted NOT to purchase that coverage. This stands for property damage which isn’t through ICBC (which is car insurance only) as well – if you don’t purchase coverage – who are you going to call? And this kind of thing affects EVERYONES rates – because where in hell do you think they are going to get the money to pay for the damages???? Insurance premiums. So they just didn’t F*** those people they F***ed all of us.

    • Raj, would you care to tell us which store this is? I understand if you don’t want to, but if you do, I would like to buy something from your store, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

      • I would like to buy something as well. Please let us know.

        Also, maybe we can help you find video footage of the robbery/vandalism so you can start a civil court case and sue them directly when they’re caught?

      • Same here – would love to support your store once you reopen. Hard work should pay off, not go through this situation – ARG, this makes me so mad, hope ALL of them get arrested!

  39. BRILLIANT post! I really hope the Nathan doesn’t get off because he’s a “star water polo player” and the son of a “doctor” his act was disgusting.

  40. Great post, glad to know their names, hope you post more for the world to see.. The shame of it is with our justice system the Jason Li’s, Braydon Harker’s and Brock Anton’s of the world are younger then 18. So while the shame of being publicly humiliated will die off, so to will their criminal records once they reach 18. We can only hope that one or all of these three are 18 years old or tried as an adult. As for Nathan Kotylak he at least wins the door prize of having a criminal record for the rest of his life, to go along with his ever lasting memory or torching a police car, hope it was worth it buddy!!!!

    • …if they are under 18, double-yikes for the kid that admitted to a “drunken mistake” on Facebook. drinking under age is illegal, no? Asshat needs to learn his lesson young.

    • Every girl they ever want to date
      Every school they ever want to attend
      Every team they ever want to join
      Every job they ever want to apply for….

      Will hopefully know how to use google :)

  41. Please revoke Nathan’s scholarship and give it to someone who is not only good at a sport, but a good human being. Also, I don’t want him representing our country in any future Olympics, he doesn’t deserve to after tarnishing the name, not only of Vancouver, but that of Canadians altogether.

  42. Look at all the Sheeple….

    I think the real problem is that no one teaches their kids to think for themselves anymore…

    maybe this was the Zombie Apocalypse

  43. @Raj – I am so sorry about your store, and your truck. As an immigrant I totally understand how hard is to get started when you move to a new place. And then you have to deal with this – so sad. Please send your story to news channels, they need to hear it, its inspiring and it shows how the act of some teenager idiots can affect a whole family for a long time.
    CTV, CBC – pls report Raj’s story!!!
    Also, if you re-open your store I am sure Vancouver citizens will be there to help you.
    Again, so sorry this happened.

  44. Yes – pls revoke Nathan’s scholarship and give to Raj so he can fix his store and his truck that the ensurance will not cover.

  45. And in response to anybody complaining that this is going too far, with people identifying each other (oh ever SO easily with today’s social media and readily accessible cameras/videos on our phones!)… Remember the days when this wasn’t so easily accessible, but whenever a picture of ANYONE committing a crime was published on TV asking people for tips on the criminals?
    This is e same thing, simply the 2011 version of this. If you cannot live with your crimes or so called “mistakes,” well, don’t commit them!

    Yes, I have made mistakes, but they have never consisted of a)turning cars over or lighting them on fire, b)assaulting civilians or cops, nor c)destroying public NOR private property and breaking and entering into businesses and stealing merchandise.

    If I ever commit these “mistakes,” I hope my community will be there to make me responsible for these actions.

    • I see your point, but those TV spots are gone forever.

      The names and photos of these individuals will permanently remain the top result in a Google search for the person’s name for the rest of their lives. Believe me, i want these people brought to justice, but I don’t want to live in a society where justice is crowd-sourced. We did that once, and I don’t need to tell you all who got the short end of the stick.

  46. Thank you for doing this. These stupid jackasses need to be outted, even those who tried to hide their faces. If you know any of the MORONS who were causing the destruction, turn them in. They need to be held accountable for their stupidity, reckless regard of private property, tainting the good name and reputation of Vancouver and overall IDIOCY! Freaking Darwin award nominees…. all of them!

  47. So Nathan Kotylak from Maple Ridge, BC . . .you think it is fun to fuck up my city?

    Well guess what, I am going to have way more fun fucking up your pathetic life you ignorant piece of crap

    Letters are going off today to the Canadian Olympic Committee and to the President of the University of Calgary exposing you for being a pathetic, moronic excuse for a human being and demanding they dump you.

    You are nothing more than failed abortion and when we finish with you, you be lucky if can get a job emptying garbage cans.

    We are gonna really, really enjoy really, really fucking up your pathetic life.

  48. It’s easy to blame than to understand. Nobody knows the
    kind of life any of the young people have had. Only God can judge . As for the parents fault…………..I guess non of you were young and did something stupid that you were really sorry for because all of your parents raised you right! Whatever………People make mistakes, not everybody is a bad seed.
    Not everyone came down town to START A RIOT.
    I forgot all of the people who judged are perfect. Open your skeletons in your closet and reveal it to all.
    Have a heart

    • Its easy to judge, because people can honestly say that they wouldn’t get ‘caught up in a riot’ and light a cop car on fire. That takes a serious flaw in character. So…as Thom Yorke says…”You do it to yourself

    • So you’re a Christian eh? Here’s a thought for you:

      Adam and Eve were forgiven by God, but they were not allowed to return to the Garden of Eden.

  49. A lot of people are saying these rioters are not Vancouver, and they think that gives them the right to enact vigilante justice upon these individuals. While I hate what they did, we have a justice system for a reason. Read the comments on this post. They’re just a bunch of people arguing over who did what and why they did it, even though they have little to no evidence. Just as much as I wish the rioters didn’t represent Vancouver, I wish these posts also did not represent me.

    • We do NOT have a justice system.

      We have a legal industry.

      The legal industry doesn’t consider these people criminals.

      The legal industry considers these people customers.

  50. i agree; thanks so much for doing this. we need to shed light to these douches so they can be exposed to the world. the most unclassy and disrespectful people ever. im toootally going to feed this link into my social media for the whole world to see.


  51. Outstanding post. Thank you very much.

    If indeed the facts turn out to be true, then the parents of these spoilt brats need to cover the bill. No way as a taxpayer should I have to pick up the tab because of useless spoilt brats and their useless parents.

    I just tried calling Dr. Kotylak’s office, and the answering machine said it was closed until Tuesday. I will call again Tuesday and express my views as a taxpayer.

  52. Umm… if these children are in high school, that likely means they are not adults. I’m pretty sure that the Young Offenders Act prohibits publicly revealing the names of underage persons charged or convicted of a crime…

    Yes, I understand that when they allegedly performed these crimes they did so very publicly, but something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

    • The Young Offenders Act pretty much goes out the window when you decide to pose for the camera while lighting a police car on fire. All these posers should get what they deserve. They want fame. Well here it is suckers. You’re famous. You’re famous villains and the world thinks that you’re despicable, heartless human beings.

      We, the people of British Columbia, of Canada, of the free world, who never stand up for anything and who are repulsively apathetic about our democratic rights need to band together and stand up, finally, for once! Make examples of these terrible acts and the individuals who have done this!

      I don’t blame the parents but it is up to those parents now to talk to their children and encourage them to do the right thing, to turn themselves in, take responsibility and face the consequences.

      Ultimately, I support the public shaming of every individual that made a poor choice or a “drunken mistake”. Every fan of the Vancouver Canucks has been globally shamed because of these idiots. If a public shaming doesn’t honor their privacy, too damn bad. It’s going to be really hard for these individuals who are named and outed. It’s going to be hard for their families and those kids are going to have to face some serious parental disappointment. Too bad about that too, but we need to make examples out of every one of them so that this will never EVER happen again in our free democratic part of the world. Riots are a last resort when you suffer in oppression, not a fun way to thank taxpayers for throwing you a party.

      • Luckily most of the young guys who participated are not minors, but look to be 18 and older, so they will be prosecuted as adults. Well, Harper did want to put more people in to jail. The social media identification is brilliant. These kids should face the consequences of their very public temper tantrum in the community living room. However, I’d like to see many of them have to make public apologies and very public community service. All of them, they have absolutely have earned their shame and people’s wrath.

      • Just a frustrated action at the blogger’s response to posting names and details.

        VPD requested DIRECT submissions. Its not just this blog. Have faith in VPD let them work.

        It will also eliminate all the slurs posted.

    • Don’t know how you’re frustrated at the blogger but not the shitheads.
      I can only assume you don’t live in vancouver and the shit that went on didn’t affect you.
      As much as this is going to suck for these guys, who are they to think they can come here and wreck our city like that and then gloat about it to their friends?

      Darwin’s Law my friend. The dumb ones get caught.

      And frankly, I don’t care if it takes as much as them having to move and change their names. They tarnished Vancouver’s name and image, let them feel some of their own medicine.

    • “Just a frustrated action at the blogger’s response to posting names and details.”
      Of people involved in criminal activities. That is evidence. You are engaging in false equivelancies.
      Your point has been overshadowed by the unbelievable douche-baggery of you actions. I see a place for you at Fox News in the future. You disgust me. Good day.

  53. I hope this affects their lives forever. I honestly do. I have no symapthy – I hope that arsonist loses his scholarship. I hope none of them can find jobs I would NEVER hire or feel safe working with someone who can drop into such a horrific criminal mentality so easily. I’ve made mistakes in my life too but NEVER EVER did it involve public vandalism like that Harker kid. using alcohol as an excuse is beyond a joke. The parents did a crappy job raising their children, end of story. They should feel horrible too. They should have to PAY for the damages. Thank you for posting this! They deserve the shame – they have earned it.

  54. Those of you defending these kids… have you considered the fact that many of them were proudly and intentionally posting this shit to facebook and other social media sites? Basically, they brought all of this upon themselves.

    This is what happens when you give children who already have difficulty forming thoughts without the input of others, an outlet on the internet to constantly keep in contact with their “leaders”.

  55. Make them ware t-shirts saying I’m the idiot who ruined the Vancouver 2011 Stanley cup finals while they
    pick up garbage and do community service for years. Also garnish there wages for life to pay for this

  56. BTW, Kimli thank you for posting this and keep posting more please. Yes I did “things” at that age, however, none of them involved destroying public and/or private property, stealing merchandise, burning police cars, etc. Even at that age I knew the difference between right and wrong. I stayed away from the wrong. It is unfortunate that the online shame will follow them for the rest of their lives, but perhaps they should have remembered that while bragging on Facebook…just saying.

  57. These individuals have NO EMPATHY in their psychology as human beings…correction…. scum bag humans who can’t be trusted to participate in our society that we all work so hard to build co-operatively.

    You deserve nothing but the worst that life has to offer because you had the opportunity to be compassionate to your community but chose to spit in ALL of our faces.

    Have a great life SHIT HEADS.

  58. I have zero sympathy for these idiots. I don’t care how many scholarships, how bright their future may have been, how awesome their grade were/are. They’re scum.

  59. Will someone please continue posting more pictures and names? It’s great that three of them have been called out, but it would be better to see the rest of them follow suit. Teach the facebook generation what it feels like to be held responsible for something. God knows their parents never did.

  60. As Canadians, we don’t have the luxury to descent to mob justice. If we go down that path we are no better than the arsonists and rioters, in fact we are even worse.

    They damaged property, we damage our own rights, which is far worse.

    Accusations and speculative evidence only go so far, but they are not confirmed. Especially in the case of the water polo player in maple ridge, there is no confirmation that those two pictures are of the same person, resemblance perhaps but no proof.

    • Well said – The Vancouver internet response has been shameful.

      Riot participants were in the hundreds – Internet partiicipants in the tens of thousands.

      • No actually expressing our concern and identifying those responsbile on the computers, while sitting at home and drinking a latte is not as bad as burning a cop car is.

        Lando, Chris I don’t think you guys realize what happened in Vancouver.

        These guys brought it upon themselves, will they pay the price for being caught on camera whiles others will get away? yes. Can we stop it? no. Should we make examples out of them? I certainly think so…

  61. Brydon’s parents….

    [address and phone removed .. c’mon guys, don’t post info like this!]

    Budget should send them the bill for the window!

  62. It’s great that we’re able to put names to faces. However, I caution you in who you put up, as at least one of these guys is a minor and technically their names (and I think even faces) can’t be displayed publicly when they are arrested for a crime.

  63. Now wait wait waiiiit a minute. Despite myself, I admit these entries are entertaining. To see people mercilessly shamed for stupid sh** they’ve done, that hurt us and our city, is rather fun. But would I like it if the tables were turned?

    “There are HUNDREDS of these [photos, with names and other identifying info]. I could go on all night. I want these people to be forever tied to their actions last night; for their names to be known by everyone who loves this city – Vancouver, where NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE FROM – and to be made to pay for their crimes. And they will. And I am just human enough to know that the thought of their humiliation for years to come makes me REALLY, REALLY HAPPY.”

    Would I like my worst mistake to be forever tied to my reputation? Would you? Yes, I’m talking about your worst mistakes, fellow human. Believe me, I want to see many, many arrests and people brought to justice. Hopefully a sort of restorative justice. I am so upset at what went down, at what dangerous crowds of people can do. I want us to become better people, somehow. I am trying not to watch some of the news because it’s so disturbing. I think that, to some degree, this whole crowdsourcing thing helps us identify culprits, and so it seems like a good thing. But it can go worryingly further than that, too: is justice about gleefully rubbing our hands at someone else’s downfall? (No, by the way. It’s not.)

    • Would you like to spend the next few years trying to rebuild a business that these fuckheads trashed, or the next few weeks in the hospital recovering from injuries caused by their idiotic, violent actions? No?

      When your “mistakes” cause other people harm, you should be made to pay for them in any and every way possible.

      • first of all, all businesses are insured, so they will not pay for this or rebuild them in “years”
        second, honestly you are saying YOU have never done such a mistake in yoru life, get off your high horses people and get over it. they are silly highschoolers and uni students, insetad of beign mad at them, you shouldnt have stood there with your cameras takaing photoes and either try to stop them or go home. so you are at fault too and stop, bc you are not ideal. i wish someone one day shows your bad actions publicly and see you react then, oh the righteous one. hypocrites you all are.

      • 1.) No, all businesses are not insured, nor will all insurance policies cover the full costs of the damages. Most policies will not cover the lost revenue caused by being effectively put out of business while rebuilding.

        2.) If you honestly believe that everyone on earth has intentionally harmed others at some point in their life, you live in a very strange bubble.

  64. I’m from Toronto. We just went through the same problem at the G20 Summit last summer. I think that anyone who gets caught doing this should be punished. Doesn’t matter where they are from. Only matters what they did.

  65. Although there was some risk of being injured, a few people stood up to the mob and tried to get them to stop. I wasn’t down there, but I think that the shi*heads were outnumbered by a factor of at least 50 to 1. Why didn’t the silent majority of people confront these eh-holes? I would like to see one of the skateboard waving punks take on 5 or 6 Canucks fans who have had enough of this BS. This was an opportunity for those who hate this sort of BS to step up and stop those who want to bring everything down. Only a few stood up to them this time, but the next time something like this happens, the right thinking people have to take matters into their own hands and stop the Shi*heads!
    Remember that you may not always prevail, but doing the right thing in spite of the potential risk will ensure that you matter in life!
    Stand up and be counted amongst the supporters, not the haters!

    • Good job on the photo album – hope they all get tagged, and glad you are proud of your niece for not participating, but are you proud of her for calling Brydon a “fagget”? That is totally uncalled for, offensive and harmful to others – just like the riots.

  66. i’ve said this before on other blogs.. but i think these punks should all be forced to join the military and sent to Afghanistan.. they can put their aggression to good use and make men outta them..

  67. Buddy!! I love you!! this is fantastic, it’s time these young offenders pay for there “Drunkin Mistakes” they defaced a beautiful city of its wonderful reputation and it sicken me that as young offenders they can get away with this!!! Well not with the technology of today and people like you spreading the world… We Thank You!!! and I love your last quote that is truly awesome!! thank you for being a upstanding citizen in helping the world see these offenders for who they truly are!! Deliquent ~ Hooligans~

  68. I’m sorry, but if more parents took a minute to find out where their kids were going, when they would be back, what they were doing, and really knew their kids’ friends (and the friends parents for that matter), then maybe some of these kids wouldn’t now be expelled from school, let alone having a criminal record now. Nowadays, some people have kids because they think thats what they are supposed to do at a certain point in their life, and don’t really take the time to raise their children properly; or they have children because they just “happened” to get pregnant, and leave their families/ parents to raise their child.

    Thanks to my mom and her “need to know” those basic things, I can safely say that I don’t have a criminal record, or am not into drugs or anything else for that matter. I am proud of what I have accomplished in life, and will not be afraid to discuss what I have done in my past with my nieces or nephews, or my children.

  69. Great blog post except for one part… I’ve seen many screen shots of rioters FROM VANCOUVER. Stop trying to blame this on the rest of the BC. There were people from everywhere down there rioting. There are idiots in EVERY CITY!

  70. Gotta love how these 3 kids arent even from Vancouver but come to our beautiful city to destroy it. Think they would forgive any Vancouver people and ruined their hangouts and homes? Just makes you want to punch them out if you ever see them on the street doesnt it?

  71. Great post, I’ve only learned about Jason Li, not the other few. I hope you write more post like this to identify these people! I’m trying to keep up with it on Facebook but there are way too much comments on one picture. I’m glad these rioters are fully exposed. They deserve all the years of humiliation and shame from the city – good luck in the future with school and employments!

  72. Just like in school when a kid is shown infront of the class for his misbehaviour, the same should happen to all those people that particiapted in the riot the police catch or turn themselves in. Bring them back into downtown and publically humiliate them by showing thier faces on TV and then make them clean up the mess and also pay for it. I think a message like this will be the strongest. The way Vancouver will grow stronger is to rally around those heroes that tried to stop the madness and those that helped clean up the mess the next morning. Karma will come back to bite every single individual who participated in the riot.

  73. In the old days, the public shaming came from parents, forcing children to do hard labour to make up for embarrassing the family name. Police would often let kids off when they did stupid stuff because parents would dole out discipline worse than what the police could do. With the current environment, shifting blame has become the norm because it’s always someone else’s fault when something like this happens. Parents blame the schools, the police, society… It’s never the parents’ or their kids’ fault in these instances. The fact is that minors are still under the legal authority of parents, which means parents are responsible for the stupid crap their kids do. Those kids that are underage…. Their parents ARE responsible for their kids’ actions. Those that are legally adults, they are responsible for their actions.

    Do I feel bad that these individuals’ lives will always have this on their digital tattoo? No. If they don’t realise how their actions today can affect their lives, and don’t realise that the virtual world has a long memory, it’s their parents’ fault (for the minors) for not teaching them about consequences or their own fault (for the adults) for not paying attention. Social media has been around for over a decade already. If you use it, you should already know how it works. This public shaming/mark on their digital tattoos are the consequences of their actions. Whether you like it or not, this is the way it is.

  74. Please put more of these names and faces together for us. These hoodlums have no respect for other people and their property so they deserve the public humiliation. I hope they are all charged and have to clean the streets in bright orange jump suits that say “2011 RIOT IDIOT” in huge black letters… front and back!

  75. I think that Dr. Kotylak’s name and the link should be removed – as you said yourself, his son is an adult and should be held responsible for his own actions. That link has resulted in some very negative comments about the doctor on the website you linked to.

    You might also want to moderate (or even delete) K.C.’s comment that has published Brydon’s parent’s address and phone number.

    There is a mob mentality developing in these comments and it’s punishing the wrong people.

      • I can see how you’d think that from what I wrote, so let me clarify.

        I do believe these little punks should be punished, but they are old enough to know smashing windows, looting and burning cars is wrong. They know that – and given that they know that, their parents should NOT be forced to make reparation. I think the kids/adults who committed these crimes should be forced to work it off in unpaid community service. Made to apologize in person to the people whose businesses they destroyed and stole from.

        I believe in accountability, but for the right people.

  76. Put them all up, I want to see them named in public, it’s the least they deserve. A little celebrity(read public humiliation) for their daring(read cowardly) roles in this mess(read disgusting acts). Kudos to you, get them out there, shows these jerks. You are forgiven, post more and please know that I too am just human enough to know that the thought of their humiliation for years to come makes me REALLY, REALLY HAPPY.

  77. The people who stood in front of the windows are not heroes, they were irresponsible. What are you supposed to when you are being robbed at gunpoint? You are supposed to give up your possessions because your life is more precious than these meaningless material objects. In this case, instead of a gun or a knife, we had a mob of angry people who were in for some material gain or damage. And what made it even worse was that the material possessions they were protecting were not even theirs! So to me it is not heroic to fight a battle that can never be won while jeopardizing one’s physical well being over material objects that were not even theirs to begin with. If instead, this action was to protect lives then that’s a different story. However, life is too precious to be jeopardized over objects that just come and go. I am sure that many disagree with my point of view, because many are filled with a thirst for revenge.

    “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind” -Ghandi

    • I don’t understand how irresponsibility = immorality. Sure what they were doing wasn’t smart, per se, but it WAS noble.

      Oh, by the way, that Ghandi quote isn’t even relevant. You should probably be a little more informed before you splatter them around.

  78. They, and the people who were in camera and people who cheered for the riots owe everyone else a public apology.

    and Don’t ‘BS’ it was just caused by a few people. There were a lot of people!

  79. A note about Jason Li…another blog noted he was going to attend UBC in the fall. If he was in fact expelled from Hugh McRoberts School and, therefore, unable to fulfill his grade 12 graduation requirements, he’s no longer eligible to attend UBC. Jason will have forfeited his spot at one of the best universities in the world because of his own stupidity. Karma’s a bitch, Jason.

  80. Regarding the “Blame the parents” posts.
    While I am the first to agree there should be a license requirement to have kids because so many just have them and don’t actually raise them, I don’t support the mentality of if the kid is bad the parents screwed up. My sister has 5 kids. All raised in a very loving, supportive and kid friendly home and lifestyle. She and her hubby are VERY involved in their lives. The first and last two are wonderful kids. They are the kind we all wish we had and are very happy and well adjusted. The middle one however is the devils spawn. He was raised exactly the same as the other 4 but is an out of control hoodlum. There have been all sorts of diagnosis but the general agreement is that the problem is not genetic or cognitive. My sister has spent THOUSANDS trying to help this boy. Hubby works two jobs and she works one just to pay for all the support he needs. They are mortified when his challenges affect others and do everything they can to be with him 24/7 so as to keep them minimal. Soon however he will be 18 and he is focused on that day to be able to leave legally. And with all this going on in their lives they still are managing to raise 4 other very wonderful kids. So please remember it is not always the parent’s fault that a child is as they are. Sometimes kids just act really stupid because that is what they do.

  81. Great job witht he site! I’m all for publicly shaming the people who were beihind Wednesday’s riots and ruining their reputations! Let me know how I can help

  82. Why is it that people are unable to restrain themselves from judgement about the parenting? Shameful, destructive, and deserving of punishment it may be, but seriously guys, do not waste your time speculating over why these idiots did this.

    The truth is: YOU DON’T KNOW.

    Things you don’t know include:

    * what their life is like
    * what their parenting was like
    * what kind of day they had
    * how susceptible they are to groupthink
    (I could go on forever…)

    Now: I’m not saying they weren’t complete asshats, but don’t kid yourself: you wouldn’t dare hold your own parents responsible for everything you did, so don’t apply rushed judgements to someone you don’t even know.

  83. So far, all the guilty are middle class privileged people. Therefore, I doubt they will do any time. Since they may have to change careers now, I suggest social work. They can help make a difference in the Downtown East Side, for people who weren’t born with a silver spoon, and who were absent from the drunken crimes.

  84. So you are so determined to tar and feather the lawbreakers in this vigilante manner that you in turn think it’s ok to break the law? (young offenders act)

    Genius. I hope I am not the only one to appreciate the irony of the mob mentality at work here in going after the rioters.

  85. While I agree with this, this may be considered publishing the names of criminals who are minors (secondary schools). Do they deserve to have their names protected? I don’t really think so. But there are laws against that. We want them paying for the windows, not you…

  86. The recent riots in Vancouver are systemic of a number of things. First of all the courts. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen to any of these rioters, jail, heavy fines… maybe, but in all likelihood they will receive a token slap on the wrist. There is no accountability and serious retribution will not happen. Many of these rioters are “proud” of their actions and will wear their arrest records as a badge of honour. The consequences for their actions are trivial so punishment is not the de-motivator for breaking the law, and in todays society neither is morality. People of today just dont have any respect or concern about other human beings or property. We saw countless examples of the rioters cheering and getting their picture taken in front of broken windows and burning vehicles, flaunting their disrespect in front of cameras for the world to see. These riots are going to be discussed and analyzed by social scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists for years.

    • The children of today honestly believe the internet is some kind of magical place where the things they post are only viewable by their friends.

      • Sad but true! I can only imagine how the new generation will be a few years from now :/

  87. These morons posed for pictures of themselves in the act, and in many cases posted those pictures on public and semi-public websites to brag. How does that entitle them to any sort of protection?

    If I break into and rob your home, perhaps injuring you or a member of your family in the process, and torch your vehicle(s) on the way out, then post pictures of myself doing it to the internet, will you defend my right to anonymity? Will you happily send me on my way since “insurance will cover it”?

  88. Have a few friends who live in Vancouver and attended the game – they were totally devastated and still are by what they saw. Having visited Vancouver a few times (I live in the US) I have always viewed it as a very special place.

    This blog/post made my day! I hope you’ll keep pursuing each and every photo!!! Wjat about the kid carrying the sign? The girl smiling and posing in front of the burning car?

    I’ll keep checking back – thanks again

  89. I can see identifying the first one and the third one but really common you can’t say for sure who that second one is from the side. But yeah thats true there’s only one blond haired short haired kid that lives in all of BC. Maybe before you accuse someone and put their parents phone number to be harassed and destroy someones reputation you should have a little more proof than someone saying oh i recognize that kid its this person.
    Good job on going from rioting to personal slander, good to see “Vancouver is not a bunch of degenerate rioters we’re a slanderous mob attacking whoever we can to blame them for all the problems”
    Let’s face facts Vancouver, the amount of destruction caused was not just from 3 people who are from out of town there were thousands of people in that riot and not all of them can be from out of town. Of course not everyone is like a rioter, anyone who classify’s all of Vancouver as rioters is just plain dumb, there’s problematic people in every city and Vancouver has its fair share.

  90. It is such a waste of these promising lives what a few stupid moments and thinking its cool to destroy things can do to someones life. I hope everyone involved gets together and does something to reverse the black eye vancouver has recieved because of them

  91. I just want to state that just because you don’t live in Vancouver it doesn’t make you worse than a Vancouverite or more likely to destroy the city. I am from Maple Ridge and I know many from here who went downtown that night and came straight home due to the riots. They wanted nothing to do with destroying Vancouver and we are all greatly saddened by what happened.

    And I don’t know this Nathan boy but from what I read on another site he is (was) a high school student (he has been expelled apparently) and was on the U18 team so that makes him under 18. I’m definitely not condoning his actions and find them deplorable but I just thought I’d share that info

  92. This is awesome. Thanks! I am all for the public humiliation of the idiots that smashed up Vancouver. And also really glad to know which ones were arrested.

  93. food for thought: Rioters Acting like savages = Lord of the Flies
    “The book portrays (a group of British schoolboys) descent into savagery; left to themselves…the well-educated children regress to a primitive state…. At an allegorical level, the central theme is the conflicting impulses toward civilization—(to live by rules, peacefully and in harmony)—and towards the will to power: German: “der Wille zur Macht”
    The will to power describes what Nietzsche may have believed to be the main driving force in man. Nietzsche began to speak of the “Desire for Power” (Machtgelüst), Machtgelüst, ( Macho lust? ) in these works, is the pleasure of the feeling of power and the hunger to overpower.”

    • Absolutely! Lord of the Flies was the first thing that came to mind as I passed through this RAGE fest in the early afternoon. As it had ALREADY begun, ALL along Granville, two hours before the game even began! No one allows for the fact that if you raise your children with a steady diet of violent combat practise, sometimes to the exclusion of all other “entertainment” or physical activity, with no consequences other than to be rewarded points and THEY then fuel themselves up to the point of dangerous overdose with the most aggression inducing substance ( for many), Alchohol you get what Vancouver got. STOP hiding your heads in the sand … a large section of this generation of adults sees bad as good, being called a scum bag an accomplishment. Those on here name calling are outdated and just pumping up their self image. That’s sick … which is good in their world. : (

  94. Nathan Kotylak should be in prison. Breaking windows is one thing, but lighting a police car on fire is an act of domestic terrorism, and I hope the courts see it that way.

  95. Wow,… Its amazing how perfect all the people on here are. Never done an illegal thing like speeding or dropping garbage on a city street. I am terribly sorry for the children who’s brains are still developing who got caught up in the mob mentality. Their action are going to hurt them for a very long time. The most disgusting part of this is how mobish people are being on forums like this one. Casting stones and hurtful things at these kids who really need us to behave in a way that would make the rest of the world proud. Not screaming scum bag because these kids made a REALLY bad decision. Let them pay the price for their actions, but let us now rally as a community and treat them like you would want someone to treat your child who does something stupid.

    • “Never done an illegal thing like speeding or dropping garbage on a city street. ”

      What’s laughable is your assertion that speeding or dropping garbage on the street is somehow tantamount to breaking PUBLIC property, like sending mailboxes flying into store windows, burning POLICE cars, punching firefighters, and using moving vehicles are trampoline in the middle of a mob crowd. I don’t know WHAT kinds of children YOU hang around, but I suggest they commit themselves to an asylum and undergo intensive-strength therapy. Oh, and your constant scapegoating of the so-called “mob mentality is an INSULT, frankly, to those responsible enough to, oh, I don’t know, NOT break the nearest public object and cause general mayhem in an already restless environment?

  96. Speeding and littering are quite different from attacking police officers and other citizens, breaking into banks and stores, and burning cars. I’m pretty amazed to even hear them put in the same category, actually.

    • Just saying that you only have to right to be throwing stones if you are without fault at all. I am not saying that this wasn’t out of control. Of course it was. But these are somebodies children, brothers, sisters and friends. I’m only saying that participating in the mob mentality by cussing out and freaking out isn’t very ADULT either. Like the Milkman in Pennsylvania who killed 5 Amish children. It was the Amish who rallied around the murderers family. About half of the people who attended the milkman’s funeral where in fact Amish. They acted with dignity and love. That’s what would make Vancouver stand out as a great place. If instead of freaking out and posting the parents phone numbers. You may not agree but that’s ok. Check out this story.

      • “Just saying that you only have to right to be throwing stones if you are without fault at all.”

        Uh, no, I’m pretty sure I have the right to despite all of that. Are you saying that someone’s IDEAS are wrong simply because they don’t follow those ideas?

  97. these losers parents are just as useless as them. Post all possible info and shame these useless parents as well. It was the fuckers tearing down trees that pissed me off the most.

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  100. Calling Nathan Kotylak’s father at his place of work to demand he pay for his adult sons actions will not make Nathan learn anything. Harassing the parent for the childs actions only makes you as wrong as the stupid morons like Nathan.
    I am a Vancouverite. I am disgusted by many things over the past few days;
    The actions and intentions of a few hundred after the game on Wed. especially those who came to start the riot
    The media of many cities and countries that does not differentiate between these stupid hooligans and TRUE fans/Vancouverites.
    The people that try to point a finger at ‘other’ cities or districts of the GVRD and lay blame. Please lay the blame ONLY on those idiots that committed the actions. Their parents are not to blame (teenagers and adults know better. PERIOD, regardless of how they were raised)
    The internet hooligans demanding blood (those that attempt to destroy a person for a mistake, even one a harsh and stupid as the riot)
    *** FYI*** I am not against this blog. I feel that this is a way to help keep those responsible for their actions, however there does need to be a limit.
    If these rioters are held accountable for their actions and learn from their ‘mistakes’ and the consequences that followed, something positive will have been gained. Please remember to let them learn from their mistakes and then move past them. Harassing them forever is just as wrong as the riot they participated in.

    I am proud of the Volunteers that showed up downtown on Thurs to help clean up and reclaim our city from this incident.
    I only wish I could have joined them.
    Please focus on the positives people. Bring attention to the people that are reclaiming our city and our image so that media around the world are forced to see what the people of Vancouver are really like.

  101. I agree with the above poster. The parents should not be harassed, it is not their fault that their children acted that way. On top of that, although I am disgusted by what these people did, it does not mean that their whole lives should be destroyed. Granted there were a lot of people who came prepared for a riot (and premedidated), and yes those people deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law and society, but keep in mind that some of the people who rioted were people who were drunk and made a mistake (and had the mob mentality), and dont deserve to have their whole lives ruined. We should fine them, put them in jail to ensure that hey learn their lesson, but thats it.

  102. I applaud for everything except the insinuation that only people who are not from Vancouver were part of that mess. I’m sure there were idiots from all over our nation (including Vancouver) who acted like ass-hats.

  103. Seeing the footage from the riots has left most of us sickened, but publicly identifying these people is the best punishment we could ever hope to give them. A fine or charge or even an arrest isn’t that big of a deal to these people who will probably lightly reprimanded since they are mostly young and probably don’t have previous criminal records. But we will not forget their names. A simple Google search will forever connect these idiots to their crimes. Knowing that any potential employer, school, partner, friend etc can find out their true character is something that will haunt them forever.

  104. And I COMPLETELY disagree with your trashing their parents on Identifying criminal action is laudable, but be VERY careful of taking it too far, Kimli – casting aspersions / guilt by association onto the parent’s PROFESSIONAL reputation could well get your ass sued. Internet libel law is different in Canada apropos to the site owner in the USA, and you are patently warned that you are liable for comments posted to the MDs name, NOT the site. And if you’re not aware of it, I’d suggest researching it. A newspaper would not be publishing the assertions you are making about the father, and I’d strongly advise you to rethink your tack. is designed as a rating of a professional by a patient, not your PERCEPTIONS of his parenting skills. I am in no way, shape or form associated with this MD, and it’s well meaning advice : based on what you have written on that site, I would be consulting a lawyer if I were you. If it were me, you’d be served tomorrow…

    • You’re incorrect in assuming that Kimli posted anything on Since you appear to be versed in internet libel law, I’d review your response both on that site, as well as this one. There’s some wise advice for you.

    • I’m replying to this here, even though you posted this same comment on every page of my site. Why on earth would you assume that I posted anything on I didn’t, and wouldn’t. I have never used Dr. K’s services, and a site like that is not the correct place to air any kind of completely unrelated grievances. Thanks for your concern about my lawful well-being, but I haven’t done the things you’re accusing me of and any quick check of IP addresses will prove my innocence without a doubt. And please stop posting this same comment all over my website. :)

      • Nope, Kimli, I’d hazard that you don’t get off that easily. YOU published his telephone numbers on YOUR site. YOU moderate comments on YOUR site. YOU, in YOUR forum, linked his son’s name directly to the website in question. And the trashing flowed DIRECTLY from YOUR link (YOUR site link is provided, and wow, such a giddy feeling watching the site meter dial up, eh ?). So how do you like the feeling of guilt by association ? Not willing to take responsibility for YOUR mistake ? It’s NOT a good idea to publish telephone numbers, NOR a direct link to a professional rating site, when the subject at hand is totally irrelevant. What was your motivation in providing the link ? What did YOU think would follow by providing it ? Questions to ask yourself… It kinda works both ways, eh ?

      • It’s cute that you think I was the first person to discover that page, and the first person to put the two together. It’s also cute that you think I’ve got some magical powers that directed people to post outrage on my behalf – like they’re not feeling any outrage of their very own – and I’m the one who caused everything everywhere. I mean, I guess I’m flattered that you are so swayed by my words that you assume others are as well .. but you’re wrong. That’s okay, though. It’s cute!

      • Oh, the “I didn’t do it first so it’s OK” defence…

        Hmmmm, I wonder how well THAT defence is going to go for these fellas in a court of law…

        Kimli, the point being that you recognised that publishing the telephone numbers was wrong, and you removed them.

        Similarly, I think it prudent that you would remove the hyperlink to the MD, because it’s irrelevant, and at best only facilitates misplaced voyeuristic hate.

        But hell, it’s your blog, do whatever you wish…

        I’m not sure if you’ve seen the results of the (your) link – most of the comments have been flagged / are now invisible, and some of them would make your hair turn grey. Not ‘cute’, by any stretch of the imagination.

        We do not visit the sins of an individual on their parents / children / sibs / acquaintances in a civil society : and I’m sure you would wish the same for your family.

        Exerpt from a posting elsewhere :

        “I agree with some of your points, and the realities (whether correct or not).

        But not some of your analogies.

        I hope you’re not suggesting that it become the norm that it’s a good idea that e.g. it’s ok to identify someone as a “swinger” as part of normal business practice, as ‘people have a right to know’ and it’s relevant to the decisions they would make.

        So we on the Internet identify by name someone as ‘gay’ ? Or ‘homophobic’ ? Or ‘insert tag of your choice’. Slippery slope in terms of privacy rights legislated in a democracy…

        Your analogy to Hitler and Mladic is a straw man argument – don’t equate the valid sociological phenomenon of a riot to to nationalism / fascism / war / genocide, we’re talking chalk and cheese.

        And it was not meant to precipitate ‘sympathy’ – just recognition of a validated phenomenon.

        Nor as a suggestion that the individuals are in spite of the existence of the phenomenon, not liable for their actions.

        But it’s the reason that judges and / or juries get to allocate guilt, and the punishment : not “mob” justice.

        The point being, that civil society does not vilify Hitler’s mother, or Mladic’s son…

  105. You must be real proud of yourself. You must think you are doing a good thing for society. It’s people like you that make this country weaker than it ought to be. Your simple judgement, and ignorant bias demonstrates an absolute lack of intellectual sophistication. Your mind is obviously under-developed.

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  107. As a Nanaimoite I am deeply disturbed by what has happened. I believe all involved should be held accountable. As a boy I once took dozens of newspapers from peoples porches, a childhood prank I am still ashamed of today. I believe these are the types of things most average people have done. The rioters actions where far more Hannis and displayed a strong disregard for society, law and others safety. As a parent I strongly disagree that the parents are necessarily to blame. I have two grown adult boys, one is a near perfect citizen and the other the complete opposite. They were both raised under the same roof by loving parents that cared for and about them. Both raised with the same principals and in the same way. All it takes is getting in with the wrong group and it can all go to hell in a instance no matter how hard you try. It is not fair to blame and humiliate the parents of these individuals, who in my opinion are for the most part on the way to much worse behavior. This is not a drunken prank, in some countries rioter are shot on the spot. They should be grateful they live in a beautiful enlightened country like Canada. I love this sight and hope it keeps on going.

  108. Every single person who is having a great time being God is just as guilty as the people who made mistakes. I love how others judge people because it makes all the finger pointing …Let’s get em posters on this site feel better about themselves. But if it was someone they knew or one of their kids, and don’t tell me” I wouldn’t raise my kid like that.” Nobody says “Hey I’m going to have a kid that is a vandal. yup, sounds good to me!” get a grip. You can not follow your kids around all of their lives. Life has lessons that are hard, this is one of them. Nice to know that the world has no compassion for a young persons mistakes. You are all perfect behind your computer screens. Don’t you have anything better to do than bitch about other peoples kids!
    Harassment charges as well as defamation of character charges can also be put on all the let’s gem posters who have put their selves out in the open on this site.
    Did any of you go and help clean up……….didn’t think so……….

    • Yes I did clean up. Guess what? I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. Get it? Let me be frank with you – I don’t like it when people get away with trashing shit that doesn’t BELONG to them. It’s the getting away with part that I have a problem with particularly. So don’t tell me what to think when the police officers have arrested about a hundred or so people out of hundredS. It doesn’t SIT well with me. Oh and, by the way, I love how your post was RIDDLED with judgments criticizing those who judged. Okay pot, WE’RE black?

  109. I agree…the parents should not be blamed for their children’s actions, however, that being said they SHOULD be held responsible for the cost of damages of their son’s actions!!!!

  110. I don’t buy this mob mentality excuse. If you got caught up in the moment and did something stupid(like lighting a police car on fire and rejoicing in your action), doing something like that was inside of you. If that punk didn’t light a car on fire in the riot, he would have done something just as regrettable in the future. Why? Because he hasn’t LEARNED that lesson yet. It’s regrettable that most of those people taking part in the riot didn’t look like 9 or 10 year olds. Why has it taken them so long to LEARN this lesson? Hopefully they will have the opportunity to learn now by being held accountable for their actions.
    The parents should be ashamed of their child’s actions. I use the word child loosely. They shouldn’t be persecuted for their child’s actions. But, if their kid doesn’t take responsibility(by cleaning up, paying for damages etc.) for their bad choices then the parent’s should find out where their kid lives and have a face to face talk that has been long overdue and underdone.

  111. This voyeuristic assemblage of photos and personal information is perverse in a supposed democracy and free society where privacy of people should be respected first before the citizen SS get their cameras and websites together to implicate people. We have police for these reasons, a free society doesn’t spy on its neighbors and post images and information about them. This is a very disturbing trend in our society since the inception of things like facebook and cellphone cameras. When do we realize we are transforming the sociological climate of our culture? Snap happy voeyuers who want to watch life like its television, while spreading around information about others. The maker of this site has poor ethics for our digital world and this is all very orwellian. Wake up and realize what is really under threat here, its not glass windows and police cars, its our freedom as individuals to express without a collective judgement which is documented to the point of neurosis. Certainly these people we wrong and did punishable offences under the laws of our country; but putting up private facebook posts and details of their lives is very orwellian behaviour, its a disturbing trend, its how fascism begins…You all don’t know your history, this is just the beginning of our societal downslide. We need new ethics to deal with our digital culture.

    Perhapse this anger displayed is something pent up in all of us, how long do we repress our latent emotions and act in accordance with the decrees of consumerist culture like zombies in blue sweaters? really thats what I thought as i watched the riots unfold, blue sweaters trying to burn down city hall and say the UFC did it. Just like the brown shirts burning down the Reichstagg, Mass hysteria and voyeuristic proxy pleasure from those who watch this and pretend to being helping with ‘justice’ as their motives are actually the same people who watch ‘criminal minds’ ‘csi’ and whatever reality television bullshit. Think you are helping but you are hurting the societal norms and ethics that people riot for in other countries, the things that make us free as individuals, our privacy and respect and dignity not to be smeared and judged in the eyes of thousands of people on the internet. This is an invasion of privacy and Im not sure but I do believe that posting excerts of somemone else Facebook wall could constitute a criminal offense. You are not the police your just another angry mob venting your own anger. Cowards behind cameras pointing fingers from the safety of their computer chairs. The mentality is the same for those who riot and those who persecute, both reflect our lesser selves.

    • Wow, well put! I also have issues with the online manhunt that is going on… but on the other hand – I think that these rioters really hurt those of us from Vancouver/BC/Canada and we want to “get back at them” – so to speak. These peoplehave embarrassed us in front of the world… even though we didn’t choose them as such, they are seen as representatives of our town/province/country and that has really hurt our pride.

      Does that make it ok for all of us to gang up on these guys in return?… no. Unfortunately when pride is involved, we don’t always do the right thing… I can’t help but think of Orwell’s books with regards to so many of our modern day issues. We are absolutely allowing our privacy and individuality slip away – and here is one more incident of that. Thanks for the other side of the coin, it is an important thing to remember.

    • The bottom line is that criminals are being captured and your speach, while having some truth, will not stop the age of digital/social media, we are all living in that age and aside from destroying all cameras and digital/social media we need to learn to live within this new society. Part of living within this Society is knowing that if you commit crimes, while thousands of people take pictures and post them on Facebook, twitter etc you are leaving a digital footprint that is almost impossible to erase. Take a picture of someone setting cars on fire and post it to the internet and there is a good chance they will be caught. People need to understand that this is not the future, it is the NOW and whether you like it or not it is the reality!

      • @Susan Your liken people to posting the names of the rioters on here to George Orwell is way way off. By using this reference you are essentially insinuating the rioters have not wronged the city, but rather the city has wronged the rioters – Hence also implying the rioters are a wrongfully persecuted class of people given much of his work is devoted to class struggle. These people made a crime against the greater good of the public and as such it is only fair these people be called out publicly. They are not being “lynched” and though there has been claims of physical threats, there has been no evidence brought to light to substantiate these physical threats

        @ Daruma Orwell’s book were often about class struggle, dis-utopianism, and Government oppression – What happened in Vancouver had nothing to this so your point is off and so is your understanding or Orwell. You also forget that this riot is a crime against the greater good of the people – As a member of the general public, I actually have a right to information that pertains to these offenses and this includes FB and Twitter posts – Posting these posts that details ones participation in the riots is not illegal.

        As for you stating this will lead to Facism, based on again on Orwell. What Orwell detailed in his FICTIONAL book on how facism began is completley different then how it formed in real life. Orwell is a great author, however his views and ideas on Facism have been thoroughly debunked.



      • To Daniel and Ryan (as I can’t reply below Ryan…) Perhaps I wasn’t clear in that I am also mad at these people – these rioters were absolutely wrong, no doubt. That doesn’t make our online response to them right. How about giving the police a chance (it will take more than a few days) to charge these people, how about letting the legal system deal with publishing (or not) the names of the convicted… how about innocent until proven guilty? It is not our job to condemn these people, it is not our job to be the judge and jury. We should assist the police, I agree with that – but that only involves submitting tips and photos to them.

        You don’t find our lack on anonymity and privacy disturbing?? How is this NOT like having a “Big Brother watching you”? To me it is exactly that.

      • @Susan

        You’re missing the basic point: these people OUTED themselves. They’re apparently so delusional that they didn’t think the world exists beyond their own friend network on Facebook.

  112. We should all be grateful that no innocent bystanders were critically injured. It’s a miracle, really, that someone wasn’t killed during this absolutely tragic event.

  113. Freedom without responsibility – that’s what this is all about… unbridled freedom… which is very sad because i’m living in a part of the world where young men and women are dieing for that same right to freedom of expression. I hope that they learn early that the freedom they so long for comes with responsibility. If these young people with unbirdled freedom do not pay a price for their actions, then we perpetuate the problem.

  114. Thank-you for this. I am not optimistic that our soft legal system will give them the consequences they deserve so at least this help. I think that’s the biggest problem is that these guys are so entitled and don’t understand there’s consequences to their actions, whether it impacts them or not.

  115. Sinners are going to burn when they get their comeupence anyhow, I figure a few years in prison for the arsonist, and councelling for the chinaman with the hockey stick.

  116. Good work would love to see you post more of them on here. I have attached your blog as a link on my facebook. People need to be put out for all to see … the walk of shame. Well done to you and this blog :) Shame on the countless idiots who followed the mob mentality and the hooligans who perpetrated the whole thing, you should be put in the blocks in the center of where you started the riot for people to laugh at, swear at and maybe even throw rotten food at!!! Be worth a trip on the ferry to see you get your justice.

  117. we need a directory online with pictures so in the future employer/other group can search for their names online, someone do it up. If it weren’t for the cops, they would have burnt down the whole DT

  118. Folks, for all those trashing the parents, step back and reflect…

    Research mob mentality, and the science behind riots. It’s been WELL researched.

    Take a large group of people, add the “anonimity” of the crowd, fuel it with misplaced passion, and add some alcohol to the mix.

    It’s a well recognised entity by law enforcement agencies, and the nub is that it’s both unpredictable / predictable.

    Science says that it’s very likely that these kids did not go to this venue with a pre-determined intention to be burning police cars / breaking windows / looting etc etc (as opposed to organised anarchists, which exist).

    And science says that no matter what your parenting skills, you are not necessarily going to be able to predict this scenario, no matter how well you parent.

    It’s an inherent human flaw, and as irrational / inexplicable as two nations deciding war / organized killing is an acceptable solution to a problem.

    Does it mean that the individuals should not be punished for their actions ? No, of course not…

    But lay off “bad parenting skills” : science is not necessarily on your side of that argument, and there but for grace go you or I.

    We’re ALL capable of rioting : science says so.

  119. If Roberto Luongo didn’t blow the game we wouldnt even be here commenting, I would put the blame on him and make him pay for the clean up.

    • BAHAHA! Seriously??? You actually want to blame this poor choices of free thinking individuals on Luongo? Ryan, clearly you have a narrow minded, uneducated sense of what has gone on here.

      First of all, there’s a whole hockey TEAM on the ice to win or lose a game. It always helps a team win if they actually score a goal or two.

      Secondly, those idiots would have incited a riot regardless of whether the Canucks won or lost. It was a big excited crowd full of drunken followers. The few ‘leaders’ that stirred it all up were prepared with masks, gasoline, and weapons. That has nothing to do with hockey. It’s incredibly disturbing and those people should pay for their heartless criminal acts.

      As a side note Nathan Kotylak was featured on Global News yesterday. He is currently suspended from the water polo team.

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  121. Apparently none of you idiots know what “circumstantial evidence” means, so I’ll spell it out. Photos are considered circumstantial evidence because they can be altered and misinterpereted – especially digital ones. If you think these pics and the naming of names comprise evidence, you’re sadly mistaken and just a little bit simple, really.
    You can crow about who’s guilty of what when they’ve had their day in court. Until then, what you’re doing veers dangerously close to taking the law into your own hands – which is also illegal. You may want to watch yourself, because if you’ve identified anyone who wasn’t responsible for any rioting and they are cleared in court, they may just sue your ass off for defamation. Just sayin’. I’m all for prosecuting the guilty, but again – circumstantial evidence.

    • LMAO. Talk about delusional. These photos are being sent to the police for FURTHER verification. Oh, also, there are records of digital confessions that these idiots made (also on this blog post). THAT is strong evidence. Also, have you pulled your head out of ass lately and seen a YouTube video? Video evidence of the perpetrator committing the crime IS strong evidence.

  122. I think it would be appropriate to go their homes and destroy their stuff. Not their parents or roommates stuff. Just theirs’. That’s enough of a sentence for me and probably one that would be harsher than what BC courts will give them anyway.

  123. I would like to see anyone found guilty of rioting and damaging / stealing property, sued in civil court by the big insurance companies for recovery of their losses. That is how you can really mete out justice – through their pocketbooks.
    And anyone guilty of physical violence should go to jail. Period.

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  125. They used to put a tattoo on the foreheads of criminals as a permanent marker.

    These vandals, thugs, morons & fools have something even worse. They have a digital tattoo, one that will live forever in the Internet, identifying these idiots for all times.

    An ID for potential employees.
    An ID for future police actions.
    An ID for future marriage partners.
    An ID for future business partners.
    An ID for US Border Agents

    A permanent digital tattoo that will follow their useless, pathetic lives around, haunting their career prospects, marriage & family plans . . . everything they ever do.

    Sure hope they had fun at the riot, ’cause their riot induced digital tattoo is sure now gonna have fun with their lives. For ever and ever.

    And they deserve all the future digital tattoo inspired justice they receive.

  126. you selfrighteous pricks. How many of you speed, smoke weed, BREAK PRIVACY LAWS, download off the internet… oh right… Honestly, the riot was terrible, but this little pose of renegades could actually be worse.

    Forward your information to the cops. Let the police, the courts and our justice system do its work.

    • 100% with Matt, in a world built on ideals have we not learnt our lesson yet!? I am trying to do right, but not by you only by me and mine! I have no right to tell you what’s right so prove your perferction prior to stoning those with imperfections. If you are so righteous then believe in your system and allow it to do it’s thing and stay the f@#* out of it! We all make mistakes nobody decerves to suffer the rest of their lives for mistakes such as those mentioned above. I hope that boy finishes school and gets whatever he deserves good or bad! Why is it that we (the general “vancouver” public) only pay attention to this sensationalized wrong doing as opposed to a kids great achievments such as recieving a scholarship to attend university, staying out of the gangs here, graduating highschool etc. All I’m saying is that this doesn’t seem to be a bad kid so don’t make him nor I pay for the mistakes he made last week for the remainder of his life.

      F@#* you all, judgement is reserved for those who are not human, cuz humans have emotions.

      • WOW. Get a reality check. I’m sorry you lost all ability to see reason, justice, or have sympathy for the general public because no one YOU cared about got anything of theirs destroyed by these goons, because they STILL go unpunished.

  127. People should all wear barcodes on them (or yellow stars), all of our experiences and memories should be captured and documented for the proper authorities to keep us all safe, to secure our borders against the threat of what is beyond them. We must organize a system of mechanization which will process and bring order to the chaos of our world, In this way we can be free of those threats (or build camps imprison them and murder them with gas, whilst cheering the greatness or our free people!) marching on through the rivers of blood, on either side of the decade people have lost something. Now lets gather around there’s witches to be burned. Mass spy culture paranoia schizophrenia society of zombie capitalist flesh bags here to ooze their parasitical virtues of hate and psychotic paranoia into the non-digital world, where these things fester, and become us in the real life. Oh my friends this is just the beginning of our journey, Sheeple wont survive, they will only implicate the ones who know whats coming. All aboard the last train to Auschwitz, work means freedom. slavery is freedom. always smile and hold your body tight on camera, people are watching you, they want to know what you do and why you do it, they want all the little details of your life, they are their constantly watching you, they see you. Only breathe shallow breaths and think within the prescribed lines, 20,000 advertisments bombarding you everyday; hey YOU! let the box suction from your ability to reason and comprehend, you don’t need memories its all on the box, you don’t need knowledge with facts, you are here to recieve and do whats been ascribed to you, so do it, and report those who do not. When things get worse and economies crumble, wars commence, you will make sure others suffer so you are well to do with a months supply of food rations brought to us from our American friends to the south, here to liberate us from our resources, trash our lands so we can gargle suction from the bottom of the melted arctice ice. Suffocate on the oil and photograph the blacked polar bears whincing as they die, offspring left to decay starvation rules the world of hate and malice, the Ego creature, the demon who resides inside takes control with ease, promises of pleasure and short lived adrenaline spikes thriving at the ability to fuck with someone else, just a little bit, in a harmless non neurotic sociopathic way…Everything is fine, butcher the earth for profit, 10 more years foreign wars, hockey is canada! you can hear them through the walls, on the cellphones, there always there with you, watching you, you have to get them first!!! the ones who went along with it…no free future.

  128. As an Aussie working in yr province…
    Most have commented on the whole circa 1994 riot revisited – I arrived here prior to the Winter Olympics & was made an ‘honorary’ Canadian as yr women’s & men’s teams scored Gold! It was a sense of pride/welcome freely given – thank you!.
    I am a “Canuk” I followed all but 2 games the past season; my spot always saved @ the bar for the 8 – 9 months. Friendships made, eccentricities noted, space given – no grief.
    The ‘small minds’ bent on destruction have not detracted from my time here – Vancouverites/Canadians 0.5% of your population (as in Oz) will always embarrass their family/Friends/Country…
    Stand proud and above them.
    Thank you for welcoming me into your society and allowing me to experience your warmth as a people, culture, country especially as a friend!
    One and all Canuks will always be welcome in Oz – You are great people!! Never forget that!
    A wandering Oz Kayaker…

  129. I was feeling sorry for Nathan Kotylak’s parents until I read a quote from his father, Dr. Kotylak, stating that the photo of his son holding the flaming shirt to the police car was “misleading”! Check out the video, dad!! It’s parents like this that will hire expensive lawyers to erase the taint on their names. Sure, one can argue it was a stupid mistake made in “the heat of the moment” but when they brag about it (like Darren Watroba did) through social media, as it is happening?? Come on! And when he turned himself in and started blubbering like a baby, you really could only feel he was sorry for getting caught (which happened to be the first interview question, which he also didn’t answer.)

    • I had a similar reaction. He isn’t an adult, btw, as people have been indicating – 17, just graduating high school. In the same article where I read the dad had said the photo was misleading, he mentioned wishing the older brother (also a water polo star attending Pepperdine U), was there to keep his younger brother out of trouble. When your kid is going off to university, you got to hope that they are ready to stay out of significant trouble without the guidance of an older sibling, but of course that isn’t always the case. If he were mine, he’d also be getting signed up for community service NOW, and not waiting for a court’s decisions.

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  132. I don’t by any stretch of the imagination defend the actions of the accused; if proved guilty, they should be punished accordingly. We all know what they have done is stupid, irresponsible, incomprehensible…(or insert any or all other derogatory adjectives of your choice here).

    Okay now relax, take a deep breath and reflect on YOUR past for a moment. Haven’t you ever done anything stupid and/or illegal at some point in your life? Haven’t you ever been caught up in a moment and done something careless (even to a lesser degree) that you’ve regretted. I think many people are jumping on the self-righteous band wagon, joining the witch hunt and demanding we crucify the accused when there are skeletons in their own closets. Ironically, I’ve noticed many bloggers flirting with the boundaries of the law to see justice served. Again, I think it’s important to note that I don’t defend their actions however I think many people are getting off track. Yes, we love our city. Yes, we are embarrassed by what has happened. Yes, we don’t want this type of thing to occur again. Let’s focus our attention on the positive and let’s not forget that there are murderers and rapists out there that don’t get a fraction of the attention that these people are receiving.

    So before you judge too harshly…what’s in your closet?

    • “I think many people are jumping on the self-righteous band wagon, joining the witch hunt and demanding we crucify the accused when there are skeletons in their own closets.”

      I don’t see what’s wrong with this. Are we not able to make moral judgments simply because we are not perfect? Is THAT what you’re saying?

  133. Interesting that there now seems to be a backlash against the backlash.

    How dare we expect these thugs to face the devastating consequences of making really bad choices? How are they different than the vast majority of our current prison population? Bad choices = really bad consequences. It’s the foundation of our justice system.

    Maybe Wednesday’s riot was fueled in part by a generation that’s been making excuses, being let off the hook, and not expected to be accountable for their actions. This experience is going to be a very painful lesson for many of them, perhaps for the very first time in their coddled lives. You only have to look at those publishing incriminating evidence on their own facebook pages to see evidence of people who simply cannot connect the dots between actions and consequences. More at: “Facebook’s Appeal To The Truly Stupid” –

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  135. I don’t begrudge anyone wanting justice for the riots. I don’t agree with public shaming or humiliation, nor do I think it is an effective deterent for future actions.

    But just as these three boys made a choice and need to face the consequences, my question to you is this. If something serious happens to one of these boys as part of the mob of vigilante justice that you (and so many others) have stirred up and encouraged, do you accept responsibility for your involvement? Do you accept the consequence of your choices? If one of these boys are assaulted because a vigilante got their personal info from here, even just their name, do you accept your part of that?

    I doubt you would. And that makes you no better.

    Anytime people act as though they are entitled, better than, above or elite to the remainder of society, then society as a whole suffers. If people would embrace helping, being compassionate and including everyone (even the people you don’t like), focusing on what is good for my community, not just focus on ME, ME, ME, we’d all be in a better place. It takes a village to raise a child, and our villages are failing because people care only about themselves and what they want.

    A cliched saying, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Vigilante Mobs are no better than rioting mobs.

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  137. Ah, the sheeplike Millenials finally get a chance to reenact the McLovin cop mayhem scene from Superbad. I knew it was only a matter of time…

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  139. The riot provided many of us with an evening of entertainment, admit it. We’re no better than the mob. We took pleasure in it. You’re not disgusted. In fact, you’re delighted at the opportunity to be part of the riot fallout which is only exacerbating the situation.

    • I think some people have openly and freely admitted that, yes…your point? Or are you just in the business of rehashing obvious statements?

  140. Alicia Price from Langley is the female version of Nathan Kotylak she hits the policecar with some type of club or bar then sets it on fire and in other pictures she is mooning the riot police while they are trying to get people to move out. She is in numerous pics with her free hugs t-shirt. After lighting the car on fire she turns to the person filming her and tells them to F*&$ Off.
    How would you like a hug from her.

  141. I was in Vancouver 4 years ago. And I found the city to be a bit scary.

    People are uptight and unfriendly. They watch their backs and don’t look you in the eyes, like they don’t trust each other.

    Sorry, but that’s just my honest impression of the city. I would never come back there even to visit.

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  143. I hope all the people defending the idiots who committed CRIMINAL acts never have to personally experience the potentially devastating effects of lighting things on fire, destroying innocent people’s hard-earned property, attacking police, and jumping good samaritans. What if one of those cars had blown up and killed someone? Enough with the “boys will be boys” BS. WAKE UP – these are not harmless mistakes that everyone makes when they are young. These kids are overwhelmingly middle class with every advantage, living in one of the richest countries in the world. They are selfish, spolied brats who deserve to learn that everyone is responsible for their own actions. If that follows them for the rest of their lives, they will simply have to explain themselves and accept the consequences. People will forgive them eventually, but only if they prove they’ve learned from it.

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  145. The guy in the youtube video smashing the newpaper box through the windshield of a $100.000 BMW is RILEY SIEGERIST. He is a wannabe Ladner ganster who openly sells extasy to your young daughters and Kedemine (date rape) to his fellow male students. He also attends Delta secondary school along with Brydon Harker, who was also caught on video kicking in the window at Budget.
    His father BOB SIEGERIST is also a drug dealer who has more than one meth lab that he operates to produce this drug, in the municapality of (Ladner) Delta.

    • Wow Ainge you just figured that out now? You are the principal of Delta secondary, and every one else seems to have known this fact forever. Nice detective work sir!! Now… why don’t you tell your school police liason officer about this new revelation of yours!

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  149. I blog often and I genuinely appreciate your content.
    Your article has really peaked my interest. I will take a note of your site and
    keep checking for new information about once
    a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

  150. Riley Robert Siegerist is a drug dealer! He admitted that in Vancouver Supreme court . He lives in Delta British Columbia, Canada.
    His wife is Alyssa Windrum, she is also a drug addicted mother of two children.
    She should leave Siegerist and save her children.
    This is the opinion of the writer.

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