the ballad of brock anton

Who is this YouTube-link-posting fiend I have turned into? I do not even know. At any rate, the following video made me laugh so hard I cried. Actual tears! On my face! , you are a genius of epic proportions and I would like to lick your guitar shake your hand.

So, so, so much love and hilarity.

4 thoughts on “the ballad of brock anton

  1. Riots in VANCOUVER??? Has anybody been to Vancouver? It’s like F-ing Munchkin land for tall attractive Canadians. It’s beautifully laid ‘ouooot.’ It’s got great restaurants and culture – like a Spread Out San Fransisco without the Gay Pride Parades… I’m soooo confused! If Mickey had a summer home there it would be annexed into Disney World… WTF is going on in the world when they can have RIOTS in Vancouver??? Other than that – amazing video. I post a lot of videos too – but I hide them in my blogs as links:) This is surely a keeper – thanks for sharing:D

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