moving on

It was fun – or something – while it lasted, but I’m done talking about the riots (and I really mean it this time). Please forward all interview requests to my agent (who is really just me in pants); I’ll be over here writing about my usual stuff: boobs, ironically subversive ways in which I defy authority while being the voice of said authority, and Having Adventures. I do so love Adventures; don’t you?

I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s something magical about being out in the city before dawn. It was spectacular outside at 05:36 – the streets were quiet, the sun had just come out, the air was refreshing, and I didn’t have to pay for parking. There were other perks, too: I got the best scooter spot in the garage, the lights are still out in the office making it much easier to work, and the breakfast buffet in the deli next door was fresh and tasty. These are all good things. However, they’re not worth getting up at 03:30 for – I can live with parking Lola in a still-awesome-but-not-prime spot, I prefer my eggs dry anyway, and the fluorescent lights above me in the office have been long disabled for my comfort. I’ll deal with the super early morning if there’s a really good reason, but it’s not something I want to make a habit of. I like my sleep.

I am amused by the guy who commented that my blog post about being on TV was “all about me”. Um, this is my site. It’s a personal blog. It’s where I write about stuff that happens to me. So .. congratulations on getting that, I guess? Funny.

i appreciated the fact that this was non-phallic

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