aww, poor rioters

Dear riot apologist and sympathizers:

Feeling sorry for the outed rioters because of what social media is doing to them?

Read this, and try again:

click for full article

I’m a female gamer of questionable sex appeal who grew up online, so if you want to call me names or hold me responsible for everything “social media” has done in response to the riot so far, go ahead – there’s not much you can say to me that I haven’t heard already. I do question your priorities, though. If you can’t read the post linked above and steel yourself against some (some being the key word – I don’t condone racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, or the direct contact of friends/family/employers of those involved) of the backlash the rioting assholes are getting because of their actions, then are you really any better? Or are you the kind of person who has to cheer for the underdog at all times?

I refuse to apologize for my riot posts, and the nurse’s take on that night is exactly the reason why.

6 thoughts on “aww, poor rioters

  1. Kimli – I believe you have missed the main drive of the criticism, or at least the criticism I have. As a society we must guard our moral integrity with the most zeal. That means we give everyone the right to due process, presumption of innocence and most importantly demand punishment in a considered dispassionate way. Our integrity also requires that we treat each crime as separate and do not allow ourselves to give into vengeful attempts to even the proverbial scales. I draw your attention to the way criminal proceedings are titled in Canada – R vs. John Doe – the R standing for Regina, latin for Queen; it is written this way to illustrate that crime is an offence to the entire society, her Majesty’s name being invoked as the personification of the body public and not the injured individual.

    Bringing myself back from perhaps overly pompous writing I do not think your riot pictures are the wrong thing to do. But I do ask you if you are comfortable with the notion that posting these pictures could enable vigilantes to commit crimes, or god forbid commit crimes against falsely identified persons. Would you retract the statement that all the rioters were from outside Vancouver? Or care to explain to me, an Albertan, what is the difference between someone from Richmond and Vancouver Proper. Or most importantly can you honestly tell me that if in ten years a rioter whose picture you posted is still haunted by it, who still works at a warehouse ’cause he can’t be in a customer service position for fear of being recognized, who couldn’t finish university because his classmates shunned him out of every project – that he deserves exactly what he got? What if someone burns Nathan Kolytak’s house down?

    Indignation and tragic anecdotes are an easy go to in this situation, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider if some of our actions stray perhaps too close to unacceptable.

    And for fuck sakes girl – you’re gorgeous!

    An unapologetically accused apologist

  2. Why not start a vigilante squad for all suspected criminals or undesirables. No courts, lawyers, police necessary. That is what people are objecting to. We have the rule of law in Canada, not mob lynchings.

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