i’ll take the cult following

I guess I’m feeling a little more petulant than peaceful – after whining to Gill about the overnight popularity of some local blogs written almost entirely in exclamation points and vapid fawning, she said:

If you were a TV show, would you rather be on HBO/AMC/Showtime or NBC/CBS/ABC?

That was pretty much exactly what I needed to hear. When it comes down to it, I KNOW what it takes to be popular online – but am I willing to be Two and a Half Men over True Blood? Full House instead of Six Feet Under? Everybody Loves Raymond or Rome? King of Queens or Oz?

The choice is easy. I’ll take gratuitous sex, violence, nudity and swearing over Charlie Sheen any day. You can keep on winning; I’ll keep being me. I may not ever get the exposure, but at least I have content I’m proud of and, if I’m really lucky, two sweaty naked dudes rubbing their cocks together in a prison bathroom.

Also, boobs. Never forget the boobs.


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