race of thrones

You know, I was so worried about the possibility of passing out yesterday that I completely forgot to mention two things I had swirling all up in my brain:

Thing One: My zombie face is so much better you can’t even tell I was ever undead. The light patches around my mouth are still there, but they’re likely only noticeable if I point them out (that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway) and the horrible scaly skin is gone. It was pretty much completely better within a day of using the Dire Creams the doctor prescribed, and I’m so pleased at how quickly they worked that I care not about the facial perils I may have delivered myself into. Hooray for not looking like I’m suffering from a wicked case of syphilis-induced leprosy! I am once again a pretty, pretty princess!

Thing Two: Things were pretty dark while I was figuring out the whole “k, crazy now” thing, but those who had my back had it good and I appreciate them with all my person. Ed (who actually unlocked his Twitter account so you sh0uld totally follow him), Gill, Heather .. yer the best. And double boob thanks to Gill, who’s been a very effective sounding board for the past week – I’m going to write a post about it later, but all the attention my riot posts got freaked me out a little and there was no one I could talk to (and no one wanting to talk to me) except Gill, and it meant a lot.

In the end, I didn’t pass out from the vertigo. I won’t be taking vitamins on an empty stomach anymore, either. It’s all a journey, right? I know more than I did yesterday, so the day is already a success.

I am tired – I was up until 2am reading. Ed is watching Game of Thrones, and I am reading it. We are racing. He’s on episode 6, and I am ever so slightly behind in book form .. but I will win. I can read far faster than he can watch TV, even without commercials. I AM SPEED READER!

I am .. not content, really, but at peace.

One thought on “race of thrones

  1. I’m glad I was helpful. Usually the only time friends lean on me is when they want permission to dump their boyfriend due to bad sex (I might be their only friend who wouldn’t consider them shallow for that).

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