ready for anything

.. as long as it involves Frankenstein(s).

One of the things I checked off my list this weekend was the acquisition of more LEGO men. I know my dioramas are extremely basic, but I had a great deal of fun doing them – so much so that I’d like to be able to do more, covering things that happen to or around me. I figured that with more LEGO men, I’d be able to do more stuff. I like stuff. Do you like stuff? Let’s be friends!

The first toy store I hit was a bust, but I hit the tiny man jackpot at the second. I bought a metric assload of tiny men, and gleefully tore into the packages as soon as we were back in the car. The ones I buy are blind box bag, so you don’t know which figure you’re going to get – it almost fills the gaping hole in my heart where Voltage used to be (almost). Sadly, I received a bunch of duplicate figures .. but in the end it’s okay, because now I’m prepared for almost *anything*.

my legomans: let me show you them

Bring it on, Vancouver – whatever you can throw at me, I can make fun of using LEGO. It would truly help if we had an outbreak of Frankensteins, though – I have three of those. And a ballerina/Halo dude. No, I don’t know why. Let’s do this!

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