where’s my cookie?

My effortless congeniality and general good cheer at work is starting to crack around the edges. It’s all likely due to the never-ending suck happening outside, but I’m cranky. What’s worse, I’m cranky for no real reason and at something I normally love doing: patting people on the back. I’m always the Champion of Others, making sure that people know they’re appreciated and rewarded and infusing their day-to-day existence with a warm glow of love and acknowledgement .. but right now, everyone can suck it. I don’t WANT to design fancy rewards for people. I’m tired of gifting people booze and gift cards because they do their job competently. I’m grumpy at always making sure other people feel loved (both at work and irl), because no one ever does the same for me.

No one ever recognizes the person doing the employee recognition, and it’s making me pouty. I pull miracles out of my ass on a regular basis! Acknowledge my mad skills and camaraderie! Bask in my unflappable (except for right now) good cheer and pleasant aromas! I’m a good little worker bee too, damnit – everything I do is to make life easier and more fun for others! Some sort of thank you might be nice, don’t you think?

I’m (mostly) just being silly about all this, but sometimes there is chafing and ass marbles and today is one of those times. I have cabin fever, I think. I need Adventure and Excitement. Maybe a Scandal or two; some good old fashioned Controversy with a dash of Self-Righteous Ire thrown in for fun. Or, you know, a nap. A nap would be good too.

I miss Good Times.


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