with a cherry on top

Not wearing pants: easier than EVER!

Last week, Barb (one half of the brain trust behind the now-in-Gibsons Bodacious on Main) contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in taking a look at Diane Kennedy‘s  new line of dresses called Cherry Velvet. Being a fan of Barb, Ms. Kennedy’s clothes AND dresses, I almost tripped over myself in my haste to say YES PLEASE. It’s a well-known fact that I eschew pants as often as legally allowed, and I’m always on the lookout for new dresses to wear (something my 12-year-old self is kind of disgusted about, but that’s a story for my imaginary therapist). Barb invited me to the studio in Railtown, and on Monday I scooted on over to take a peek at the brand new Cherry Velvet line.

I’m in love.

The dresses are gorgeous. Not satisfied with less than fabulous, they made the dress in a whole range of beautiful fabrics to the point where it was difficult to pick a favourite. The dresses are selling like mad, and while in retrospect it was good they didn’t have the two patterns I drooled over in my size for the sake of my credit card only, I did get to try on the dress in the Love Letters print. It’s an unusual look for me in that it’s not all black with an extra side of black – rather, it’s a creamy print with old French postcards and flowers all over.

I’m a little incompetent when I buy dresses, because I’m so used to things fitting me poorly that I settle a great deal – my entire wardrobe is an experience in “good enough”. Things are almost always too big, too small, too short, too low-cut, too hilarious .. but I’ll wear them anyway, because where am I going to find something that fits me perfectly? Trying on the Cherry Velvet dress gave me a bit of a shock, because it DID fit perfectly – every single part landed exactly where it was supposed to. The armholes in particular were kind of awesome – they FIT. They weren’t sausage-tight or Gapey McSide Boob, they were *perfect*. The neckline will suit everyone (except me – I LIKE showing as much boob as possible; if I had to choose one thing I’d change it’d be a lower neckline for more – too much – cleavage) regardless of their bosom (or lack thereof). The dresses have a super-flattering empire waist, and they. Have. POCKETS. I am going to buy one in every colour and pretty much wear nothing but – POCKETS! To HOLD STUFF! I can keep my phone out of my bra, and maybe carry some frogs and sticky candy for emergencies. Everything should have pockets. More pockets equals more AWESOME.

Pocket squeals aside, I really love these dresses. They satisfy me on so many levels – ridiculously flattering fit, made by a local designer, POCKETS – I’ve already got my next bonus bookmarked for one or more Cherry Velvet dresses to go along with the gorgeous Love Letter one I was gifted, and I can’t wait. There is a serious dearth of options for the comely buxom lass, and I was thrilled to see Diane’s dresses – it is a crime not to feel ravishing, and I dare you to not feel sassy and glamourous when wearing one of these. Check out their blog and Facebook page to find out where you can find the dresses, and I’ll doll myself up and post a picture soon. Yay for fun and flirty! Yay for retro! Yay for a dress with a hemline long enough that I can scoot in it without showing Hastings St. my vagina!

vive la france!

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