watching jack

Jack could not shake the feeling that someone was watching him:

look out, jack!

The PNE starts next month, and I am fully planning on playing hooky from work one day to make myself sick on mini donuts, corn dogs, candy apples, fair fudge and rides. I really, really want to try the new ride – it looks like the swing ride, only waaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the sky – and I have to ride the Scrambler and the Tilt a Whirl. I’m not much of a ride fanatic, but I have my favourites and I try to make my way to the fair at least once a year to make myself dizzy on purpose. I can’t wait, actually. It’s such a silly thing, but I am all about the silly (you may have noticed this) – and hey, mini donuts. Can’t go wrong with mini donuts.

It’s no Calgary Stampede, but I may just have to equip myself with a pink sequined cowboy hat just the same. Luckily, I know where I can get these for cheap AND it gives me an excuse to go to the Richmond Night Market again. It’s win win (except for the people who have to be seen with my pink sequined cowboy hat).

August is going to be a busy month, but I am okay with this.

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