fancy taco friday

It’s Fancy Taco Friday up in here, and that means petticoats and cleavage and tacos ALL DAY LONG. Or, to be more precise, AFTER WORK. I’ve called together a meeting of the minds to converge upon a new-to-me tacoteria; one I have been assured is both delicious and fancy enough to name a day in its honour. I am excited about Fancy Taco Friday! Truthfully, it doesn’t really take much to excite me – I would be and have been excited about Regular Taco Friday as well. Bonnie and I have a pact to be fancy, though, so a petticoat and the danger bra it is. All for tacos! Man, I love tacos.

And pepper. Man, I love pepper.


Also, awesome new keychain from Blend Creations is awesome:

behold the awesome

2 thoughts on “fancy taco friday

  1. Wait, it’s FANCY taco Friday? ‘Cause I’m wearing an ACDC tshirt that I took scissors to to make it a hint of slutty, and I’m not even kidding. I’m also not changing ;)

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