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Yesterday afternoon dragged on for at least 50 years, but eventually it was time for Fancy Taco Friday. A large group of us minus three descended upon the new La Taqueria location on Cambie, chosen because I had never been to La Taqueria despite my encompassing love of tacos and also Ed is getting tired of my hard-on for Chronic – and it was as delicious as promised. I enjoyed the variety and the salsa lesson, but I think I still prefer Chronic – an almost moot point, because it’s like trying to decide a favourite amongst things that are already equally awesome. Still, Chronic will be my go-to place for a quick taco fix (but it’s nice to have the option of La Taqueria close by).

Next on the taco docket: Tacofino! Aiming for Tuesday; who’s in?

We left La Taqueria to free up room for other patrons, but were not yet done hanging out. We decided to go to Wendy’s for frosties, then ended up sitting on the lawn of City Hall talking about hilarious things until everyone’s parking expired. We were home by 8pm – an early night, but a quality one just the same. More Taco Fridays need to happen, whether they be fancy or regular – hell, they don’t even necessarily need to be about tacos. I’ve missed hanging out with people, and it was really nice to just sit and talk and be silly with no other plans (other than to enter a series of disastrous fellationships followed by a whirlwind romance via teledildonics).

Our ride home was timed perfectly, as game of footballs had broken out at Empire Field not thirty minutes earlier. We managed to avoid all the game traffic, and made it home in one piece. As I was kicking it old school in the bedroom, I heard multiple cars go by with their alarms going off and quickly realized that cars were being towed en masse – tow trucks were out in full force, removing illegally parked cars from the area. I was maliciously excited about this, because it would mean people would come back from the game and not find their cars and be outraged with the yelling and screaming and hilarious drunken drama. What fun! I settled in and waited, confident that the footballers would provide me with far greater entertainment than Friday night TV ever could.

.. and I was ultimately disappointed. There wasn’t a SINGLE FREAKOUT over the missing cars – people just seemed to accept they were now stranded in East Vancouver with no way home and a $200 Saturday morning ahead of them. The calm demeanor in which people accepted their fate was incredibly frustrating, and I felt so cheated – where were the fireworks? Why was no one Causing a Scene? It had all the ingredients for a hilarious display of tragic humanity at its worst, but sensibility won out and I was deprived of my evening amusement. Disgusting! Since when are people so laid-back and logical in the face of adversity? What a waste of some perfectly good tantrums!

This morning had additional non-reactions in store for me, but for the best – a Hummer ran a red light in my intersection and took out a Smart car. The Hummer was driven by a tiny lady and the Smart by a large muscular man, and although both cars are likely a write-off, no one was injured in any way (they left the scene via cab, not ambulance). It was pretty much the worst case scenario for an accident, but not only was no one hurt, no one really seemed to be bothered by it – everyone was calm and patient and not at all furious that the Hummer ran a red and could have killed someone. I’m glad no one got hurt, but couldn’t there have been one little screaming match? Just for me? One person to tell the Hummer that she had no business driving a Hummer and/or running red lights; someone to scream and yell and Cause a Scene? The accident woke me up as it was, so at least there could have been something entertaining to listen to. But nooooo, everyone had to be all calm and unflappable about everything and ruin my fun again. I’m onto you, Vancouver. I know your plans, and I WILL FOIL THEM.

I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend, and I feel kind of guilty about it. Not guilty enough to actually fix it, you understand, but mildly contrite all the same.

all aboard!

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