the cover up

Warning: excessively girlie post ahead.

After 6 years of being satisfied with mineral makeup, I’ve decided I need to go back to using a liquid foundation. I don’t WANT to do this – powder has served me well over the years – but I have become so hideously deformed that I feel I need something stronger, perhaps even nuclear-powered, to cover my face.

The discolouration I’ve suffered since the never-ending onset of zombie face has spread and gotten worse. Not satisfied with just having random patches of weird, I’ve now got a great deal of noticeably lighter skin with some awesome dark splotches throughout. Ed swears that my horrible face is not detectable to anyone else, but I can’t possibly see how that can be true – it’s like a giant glowing beacon of leprosy ALL OVER MY FACE. Most people I know are far too polite to say “hey, so what’s up with your face”, but I am paranoid that people are whispering amongst themselves and wondering if I’m contagious or even worse, looking at my face instead of my glorious rack.

So, that brings me to my point: I need some liquid foundation advice. Before I switched to mineral foundation, I was using some MAC stuff with a sponge and more often than not going out with a face full of goo that felt kind of icky. Six years is a long time, and I’m certain there have been some great technological strides in the science of facial coverage that I could use to my advantage (and to hide my shame) – but I don’t know what they are. If you use liquid foundation, what brand(s) do you like? Is there anything I should avoid or look for? Is there a better way to apply foundation other than a sponge but isn’t a friggin’ airbrush? Should I just give up altogether and exchange all my makeup for a pair of sweatpants and an ill-fitting t-shirt?

Help. I hate feeling ugly.

feeling ugly makes me want to hide :(

5 thoughts on “the cover up

  1. I’ve been using the Ellen-endorsed Cover Girl Simply Ageless foundation for the past few years. Which makes me giggle at the commercial (why do supermodels look angry? BECAUSE THEY’RE HUNGRY!) and then feel old for using anti-aging products.

    Anyhow, I find the coverage is great, without being heavy, I am neither an oil-slick or a flaky dry mess at the end of the day, and I don’t break out, despite rarely taking off my makeup at night.

    And FWIW, people have been telling me for over a year now that I have great skin. Considering I haven’t done anything on purpose, besides use makeup and moisturizer with sunscreen, I’d consider giving this product a teensy bit of the credit.

  2. Look for GloMinerals, they are both mineral AND liquid. I also highly recommend using a tinted moisturizer with an SPF as something of a base. Basically wash your face, apply tinted moisturizer then follow up with either liquid or powder foundation. It should even out your skin tone.I’m a skin care therapist and live by this, plus I’ve been a makeup artist for fourteen years and covering uneven skin tone is one of my specialties.

  3. For ordinary days — if I remember to put ANY makeup on for work — I wear Lancome tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 to retain my green zombie glow; Body Shop powder over top. The tinted moisturizer is very nice, but doesn’t really do much in the way of cover-up, it’s mostly translucent: just evens things out a wee bit and gives the powder something to stick to.

    BUT. When I feel the need to make my skin look 24 again, or I have a meeting with PEOPLE or something I favour Lancome liquid foundation. I hardly notice I have it on, it is really very, very light and not at *all* greasy or sticky. A little goes a long way. I like it a lot, and it took trying a bunch of things before I found it – I’m kind of picky about makeup that feels heavy; I just won’t wear it even if I have it around. It’s a bit pricy, so I get it at the border, and there it’s pretty OK, but I really like it.

  4. For day use I use Make Up For Ever Face & Body. It’s a water based light to medium coverage foundation that’s super buildable, and it wears really well because it’s waterproof. No sweating your face off here!

    When I want more coverage I’ll used MUFE’s HD foundation instead, which provides some pretty heavy duty coverage when I need it, but still feels nice on my face. Both are liquids, and I prefer a sponge to apply, but you can also use a foundation brush or your fingers to apply.

    Sephora might be a good place for you to shop around. Their sales assistants can load you up with very generous samples, and their return policy is of the Costco variety; if you’ve got a receipt and a reason you can get your money back, no matter how much of the stuff is used up.

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