go big or stay home

I went to get some lunch and ended up booking a flight to London.

I also got a slice of pizza.

I am kind of in shock about this. I do not fly well – why did I just book myself into two 12-hour flights?


I’ve never been to Europe and I’ve always had a boner for London. A crazy seat sale and cat-sitting opportunity both materialized at the same time, and rather than waffle back and forth (or think too hard about the flight duration), I just dove in and booked the flight. Done and booked; I’m going to LONDON in just over two months for an entire week and there is going to be ADVENTURE and CAT SITTING and TOURISTING and Union Jacks on EVERYTHING and perhaps even TEA and the QUEEN and NO RIOTS (but if there are, there’s a Lego shop in Westfield I plan to make full use of).

I am both Freaking Out and So Excited I can’t sit still.

Is it too early to begin packing?

5 thoughts on “go big or stay home

  1. oh my god. i LOVE LOVE LOVE london. i vacationed there twice in 2008. (once in summer then back again for xmas/new years) if you need tips, let me know.

    you’re going to love it. and i’m so jealous.

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