amused by fungal infections

My momma raised me right:

she would be so proud (but mostly confused)

I was quoted in today’s 24Hrs paper with my thoughts on receiving an STD warning card. Shocked? Worried? Pfft – I would blog the HELL out of that. I’d be the most excited person who potentially had an STD ever. Alas, I am fairly confident this would never happen to me – I am not having nearly enough casual sex to be in danger of catching anything, be it a mild case of explosive labial scurvy or full-blown Super Gonorrhea. A girl can dream, though, of hilarious hypochondriac blog posts borne of a “friendly” warning that I might want to get tested due to the carefree and lusty life I lead while everyone is looking.

Today is Glass Fusing Day! Heather and I are going to a class on glass fusing this evening, where we will be making fanciful works of glassy art. I am excited to try something new and to have crafty girl hang out time with Heather, not in the least because we are going to have Five Guys for dinner beforehand (where I will try my hardest not to use my powers of being a Bad Influence on Heather to get her to come to London with Renee and I). I’m also going to be trying silk screening some time later this year – learning new stuff is neat. I have no artistic ability whatsoever, but that isn’t going to stop me from putting stuff on other stuff and seeing what happens.

Speaking of crafts, I’ll be at Picnurbia this Sunday at Robson and Howe, from 12-5 with Blim! I’ll be selling Heart Shaped Blox and Smuttons (if you ask – they won’t be on display), plus a few other things I plan to whip up between now and Sunday. Come by and support my driving desire to be able to afford to eat while I’m in London – all crafty proceeds will go towards a) my Lego minifigure addiction so I can stage more ridiculous scenes, and b) London, the adventure that will be fully documented in far too much graphic detail (right down to the number of times I forget I’m married in my goal to catch an STD to blog about).

So much going on!

okay, i will

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