Smuttons are naughty 1″ buttons for you to wear. Made from old girlie magazines and a cheeky giggle, Smuttons are not safe for work but will make you the highlight of any party.

Each pack of Smuttons contains 2 random picture buttons, 2 random text buttons, and a bonus button!

The Boy Pack features hunky men in various stages of ribaldry, plus some choice tidbits from erotic stories that all seem to begin with “I never thought it would happen to me, but ..”.

Smuttons are made with love and without pants by Kimli!

You can buy smuttons online at my etsy shop

My smuttons can also be found at events in Vancouver including The Museum of Vancouver DIY night, Northern Voice, and Got Craft?!


Donations of unloved porn magazines are welcome! If you’d like to donate your porn for smuttons, please email me via the contact page above!

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