heart shaped blox

This is what I’ve been working on for Got Craft for the last month:

forever in debt to your priceless advice

Heart-shaped necklaces made of genuine LEGO pieces and assorted shiny metals – it’s the ultimate in geek chic. They come in a bunch of different colours and combos, and are $10 each. Come find me at Got Craft next Sunday and get a piece of awesome to wear around your neck! Each necklace is made with love (and pliers)!

I’ll also have Smuttons available for you to paw through, AND as a special treat to cheer myself up, I’m doing a giveaway: come check out the Sassy Contessa table (which is Miranda’s gig; I’m just riding her coattails to sell LEGO and porn) and say the SECRET PHRASE, and you will receive two free Smuttons to shock and titillate your friends and family. Free stuff! Hooray! Are you ready for the SECRET PHRASE? Here you go:


It’s a line from my favourite Futurama episode, and it makes me laugh. Say it to me at Got Craft on Sunday and receive some free Smuttons! Hope to see you there!

support indie crafts! buy some heart shaped blox!

blue and copper

If you’re interested in a LEGO necklace and aren’t in Vancouver/can’t make it to Got Craft this Sunday, email me at kimli at delicious juice – they are mailable! :) I might also be at other craft shows this summer, but I’ll post about those when I know more!

10 thoughts on “heart shaped blox

  1. can those necklaces be any more geektastically awesome? LOVIN’ it! i have plans on sunday but will hit you up afterwards and see if you have a red one left :)

  2. What are the chances that you will sell those necklaces through the internets? Because holy crap I want one, but I don’t live in Vancouver. :(

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