i’m for sale

Vancouver is very smelly today. My commute to work was full of feathers as I was stuck behind, between, and downwind of not one but THREE Chicken Death Trucks. I hate those things – I feel terrible for the chickens, guilty for finding them delicious, repulsed by the smell, and thoroughly depressed if I spend too much time thinking about their fate. I prefer to imagine my food coming from magical meat trees, so no animals have to suffer so that I might be nourished. I should probably be a vegetarian, but I’m honest enough to know that I’m simply too lazy (and I really, really like meat).

So hey, you know my Heart Shaped Blox? They’re proving to be kind of really popular – so much so that they’re now available in a friggin’ retail store. You can buy Heart Shaped Blox at Favourite in Lonsdale Quay! How cool is that? I’ve never officially been for sale before! It’s all thanks to Heather, who was wearing her necklace when she stopped into the store last week – the owner asked her about it, and Heather set up a meeting for me to peddle my wares. Heather is officially my craft agent, and between her, Donna and Sam, I am a busy LEGO lass.

I’ll be at Car Free Day on June 19th with Blim, so come by and check out the new colours. I’m also working on a website to keep track of the pieces I have – the plan is to come up with an online ordering system that allows you to choose your own colour combinations. Red hearts are all fine and good, but what if you want bright red and black? Yellow and white? Blue and green, to support the Canucks? I can totally do that. Email me at kimli at delicious juice dot com if you’re interested, or sit tight and wait for the website. I have COLOURS! Hooray!

I need to do some cram crafting, STAT!

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