market research

Last night I toyed around with a new craft idea:

blue = josh and shan; yellow = heather

I came up with three different setups that each hold three keys, and I’m thinking of selling them in kits:

  • Base piece
  • Your choice of three key rings (I have 6 different colours)
  • Your choice of magnetic or adhesive backing

If you saw someone with a great rack selling these (and my lego necklaces) at a local craft fair, would you be interested? What would you consider a fair price? Help me, internet. Be my market research.

If it helps, each kit could come with free Smuttons! Hang your keys, get some porn! Everybody wins!


5 thoughts on “market research

  1. We live far far away but for the purpose of market research…
    * I love them and would pay up to $20.
    * Nerdy husband also likes it and said he’d pay $15, but after I read the great rack bit he said he might negotiate higher. :)

  2. I would SO get keychains! I don’t know the base price of LEGOS, but if I made them I’d charge perhaps 2$ for a keychain, and 5$ for a block, then you can do the “3 keychains and a block” system at 10$ to encourage people with a little “discount”. I would also request — should you be willing to part with any of them — necklaces and/or keychains made from your LEGO peoples. Of course they won’t stick to the block, but they’d still be super awesome. It seems that most necklace/keychain items sell on Etsy for mostly around 10$, but you probably could go more if they were rarer pieces, as some seem to go for 20-25$. (This is all American, so adjust prices accordingly.)

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