kimli welsh was incredulous

I did a follow-up interview on CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelley (which I have yet to do – both times the show was hosted by someone else) about the Vancouver riots and the fact that no one has been charged with anything by the Vancouver Police Department, nearly two months later:

incredulous picture in picture

Some random thoughts:

  • Yesterday morning I came THIS CLOSE to wearing the same dress I wore the last two times I did a CBC interview. Like, it was in my hand before I changed my mind at the last minute. If twice was gauche, three times would have been fucking hilarious.
  • In retrospect, I kind of wish I HAD worn the dress – maybe then I wouldn’t look like a linebacker who’s let himself go. Yesterday was Monochromatic Wednesday, aka my excuse for wearing black head to toe. Perched on a black chair in the studio, I share more than a passing resemblance to a refrigerator topped with a bobblehead. Hot.
  • Seriously, what’s up with the lack of charges? They’re already charging people in London, and the riots are still happening.
  • Other words were supposed to go here

No time to continue my increduality – I’ve got to finish writing this maternity leave policy without using the words “infected”, “spew”, “burst forth” and “life sentence”.

My job is hard.

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