chainsaw job insecurity

I’m stressed out about work and there’s nothing I can do it about it.

I still love what I’m doing – each day is every so slightly more ridiculous than the one before it, and I am vastly pleased that no one questions the silly things I put in my documentation. My team is awesome, my boss is awesome, no one bats an eye when I stick things on my forehead and take pictures – all this is good. I am content, at least in that area.

Unfortunately, almost everything else sucks. The entire company is stressed out and under pressure because no one knows what’s going on behind closed doors: the new CEO has the whole executive team in meetings 24/7 and scary decisions are being made, and no one knows if there’ll be layoffs or reshuffling or what. New CEO is nowhere near as warm and fuzzy as our old one was, and has basically turned our fun, easy going atmosphere into one of secret meetings, barked orders and paranoia. I know he was brought in to fix things, but .. it’s scary in here. Everyone is worried, and no one has any answers. I’m trying to keep my head down and just work through my own projects, but the air in here is electric with fear and that blows. I’m worried for myself, my team, my boss, my coworkers, my desk: if I get escorted out in a round of layoffs, I’d need to collect all my STUFF and normally someone will box it up for you. That can’t happen – most of my STUFF is special and/or irreplaceable, and it’s everywhere. It’d take hours if not days to remove any physical trace of me from the office, and years to boring up the hundreds of documents I’ve written.

That’s all worst case scenario, but one I need to reluctantly admit is a possibility. I hate this passionately, but there is nothing I can do about anything and that sucks. My tummy hurts. I don’t like scary change.

Maybe our new CEO will come down with a terminal case of Boneitis.

he doesn't want any ass prints on his new door :(

3 thoughts on “chainsaw job insecurity

  1. I can totally empatize with what you’re going through. It happened to me – our company was acquired by another company, and the changes were fast and furious…one branch closed, and soooo many people lost their job. The uncertainty and fear and nerves lasted for pretty much an entire year. It was horrible. Good luck to you – hopefully they all realize what an irreplacable asset they have in you!

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