wtb: customer service

I’m not having much luck with my Polite Email Campaign. At first, Costco was great about letting me know my warranty situation was being reviewed and that I would hear back within two business days, but that was two weeks ago – I haven’t heard from them in a week despite a friendly reminder and asking for an update. Current status: still out $670; request for resolution in limbo.

Yesterday I took my black Fluevogs and favourite Doc Martens boots into a shoe repair place to see about getting them fixed. The leather on both pairs of shoes has split along the inner seam of the right shoe, and given that the two pairs of shoes together cost more than I’m willing to admit online due to extreme shame, I’d really like to get more wear out of them. The Fluevogs are barely over a year old, and I’ve had untold problems with the soles on both pairs in the same style, and now this split has happened so I’ll be shelling out $50 to fix them (on top of the $60 or so I’ve spent on replacement soles).

The Docs are a different story. I bought the boots in Portland exactly two years ago, but I haven’t worn them in 6 months because of zipper issues. When I pulled them out to take them to the shoe man, I noticed there was a hole in the right boot by the big toe. Unfortunately, they can’t be fixed – the shoe man said they were basically garbage now, because he can’t get into the sole of the boot to repair the hole. These are my favourite boots that are barely two years old and haven’t been worn extensively, yet they’re garbage – and that sucks so, so hard. Naturally, they’re discontinued and I can’t replace them and nothing I’ve tried has come even close. My unyielding love for these boots aside, I’m pretty choked that something I bought and expected to last have fallen apart so soon. I did everything right – treated them with all the right chemicals before I wore them, cleaned them periodically, didn’t go clog dancing on a bed of nails in them – and they’re still wrecked beyond repair. I’ve tried tweeting at the Doc Martens account to speak with them AND send in an email via their website, but have had no response. I’m a huge fan of Doc Martens and I own a ridiculous number of boots and shoes, but if they aren’t going to get back to me I may have to find a new favourite. I am a sad, sad monkey with no black boots.

So yeah, some customer service would be nice. Costco, please respond to my warranty issue like you promised you would. Fluevogs, you’re breaking my heart – why am I having so many issues with my Hope Dreams? Doc Martens, please respond to my tweet or emails – there’s got to be something you can do; I shouldn’t have to throw away boots I barely wore because they’ve broken down too badly to be fixed in the two years I’ve had them.


2 thoughts on “wtb: customer service

  1. Fluevog has a 8 month warranty, and a cobbler that can help with most repairs. Bring them to the JF store before you bring them to the cobbler, because they may be able to help, and save you money. If it was within the warranty it JF may be able to pay for it, but they need to see it before they are fixed. Good luck! Greg Fluevog

  2. My awesome so-dark-they-often-look-black-but-in-some-lights-you-can-tell-they’re-actually-dark-metallic-silver Docs split across the bottom of the sole after about a year and a half, wearing them maybe once or twice a week on average – if that (I never wear them in summer). My old pairs used to last way longer than that, even when I wore them every day (I had a simply amazing green suede pair that sadly died in the mud of a Scottish music festival. What was I thinking?!) They’re fixable, but it’s still annoying.

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