here goes nothing

Tomorrow afternoon I get to give the first of five presentations on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The presentation is as exciting as you might expect, but with a few extras thrown in to amuse myself:

  • 1 transformers reference
  • a picture of Devastator with “PCI DSS” photoshopped across his robo-knuckles
  • Two Star Trek references; one TOS and one TNG
  • Pictures of Vault Boy on almost every slide
  • Referring to our PCI team as dashingly handsome throughout the presentation
  • A line about the Wheel of Time for some reason

..  the entire thing is about as irreverent as I could get it; it’s not nearly as serious as it probably should be.

Also, our scary new CEO will be sitting in on the presentation. And I spent money on Oreos to keep people awake.

This can only be COMPLETELY AWESOME and not at all a terrible career move.

me devastator, me certified by the payment card industry security standards council

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