no, not my soul!

I’m scared :(

donate now or babies will be eaten.

It’s not just the terrifying lead singer of the blackest Black Metal band in all of Norwegia who bathes in fetid stew of partially digested afterbirth and teeth stolen from beneath the pillows of sleeping children that scares me but also work: the air in here is stagnant with fear and obedience. I have a notepad beside my keyboard with marks on it, and I’m up to 6: one notch for each time I’ve been admonished this week for doing things that were okay last week and/or what I normally do daily.

It sucks. I overlook a lot of things because I’m so happy being able to be myself at work and inject a little bit of fun and personality into things that are normally dry and boring. If that gets taken away .. I’m bad at corporate. Really, really bad at it. I’ve worked for two of the largest companies in the world with no exaggeration, and I never really fit in. My work always good, but it wasn’t .. usual. I am not very usual.

I don’t want to be in the corner.

this was mark #5

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