justice eventually

While he still hasn’t been charged by the Vancouver Police Department even after turning himself in, confessing and publicly apologizing for being a colossal dumbass, Water Polo Canada has handed down an appropriate punishment to Nathan Kotylak:

“These are formidable punishments considering the age of the athlete [18 years old], but they are fully justified given the seriousness of the situation,” said Ahmed El-Awadi, executive director of Water Polo Canada, in a statement from Ottawa on Tuesday.

The water polo ban will prevent him from participating in the national team program until June, 2013.

He will also be ineligible to receive Sport Canada funding during the two-year period.

For those just tuning in, Nathan Kotylak is the brilliant young man showcased this now-infamous photo:

what an awesome guy this is - i hope his parents are proud


The VPD still hasn’t charged a single rioter, although they’re promising they’ll get around to it in early November or so. In the meantime, it’s nice to see some real-world consequences landing on the heads of at least some of the rioters, especially since there’s now zero confidence that the police will actually do anything beyond a wrist slap and a fine that mom and dad will take care of.

The internet never forgets.

Update: Apparently it doesn’t really matter that he’s been banned from playing in Canada, because he plays for a US team now. They didn’t care that he took part in the riots and tried to destroy the city and ruin Vancouver for fun, he “deserved a second chance“. How nice for them and for Nathan Kotylak, Cop-Car burning rioter. How proud he must be.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaany time now, karma.

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