momentous decision

I have made a Momentous Decision:

I am not going to blog about brussel sprouts.

That doesn’t mean I am not still obsessing over brussel sprouts and the sprouty going-ons of the past 10 months, but simply that I won’t be airing my thoughts here .. just  yet. Perhaps one day soon I shall wax beautiful e-poetry about brussel sprouts and how they gone done me wrong (I walk a fine between miss and mistrust), but it shan’t be today.

Instead, today will be about feet.

I am seriously worried about my ability to do as much exploring in the UK as we have planned. My feet, while miles better than they were several years ago, are still finicky appendages of doom. I had my heart set on repairing my favourite (and most comfortable) black boots, but that effort imploded in a fiery ball of terrible customer service and frustration. An entire weekend spent searching for an adequate replacement ended in tears, and I am at a loss. All the shoes I have are fine for work or mild walking adventures, but there’s nothing I can wear to explore a new city that won’t leave me in agony at the end of the day. What am I gonna do? The best I can hope for is to lessen the inevitable pain, but even that seems unlikely at the moment. I am frustrated, annoyed and worried. I have vast amounts of envy for people who can wear whatever shoes they want without having to literally plan their day around the amount of time they’ll have to spend on their feet. I loathe my broken feet. I would like to punch them, but that will probably make things worse.

Still, my non-stop worrying about feet and brussel sprouts can’t mask my excitement at being only 12 SLEEPS from our trip to London. I can’t *wait*. Adventure! Friends! Two whole new countries to be inappropriate in! Squeeee! Even if I’m gonna hurt, it’s going to be SO FUN.

i'm gonna have fun despite you, foot


3 thoughts on “momentous decision

  1. Aww boo to broken feet. Have you ever tried Mephistos? They’re Birkenstock-y sandals (not ideal for London fall weather, I know) and there’s a store downtown. I took them on my big trip last year and broke them in on the fly, and didn’t have a single blister or issue with them (and I’ve got a messed up back and stupid knees). They were my go-to pair for whenever I knew I’d be on my feet for 10+ hours a day. Just a thought! :)

  2. One option might be to buy a pair of old-lady shoes for the trip to swap into if it gets bad, that or wider orthopedic shoes. Old-lady shoes won’t be terribly cute, and indeed you may verge on being a fashion crime, but even if they are a bit ugh, they might make things less painful because there are whole brands designed to be bunion-friendly. I also second Mephistos, they’re quite comfortable. :)

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