no room for hate

This line of thinking has NO PLACE in Canada (or anywhere else in the world):

this has me seeing red

Click the image to read the whole disgusting thing. This ad appeared in the National Post today, and they’re “investigating” how it was approved. Apparently organizations that purchase full page ads can somehow do so without anyone actually, you know, READING them to see what they’re all about. Who cares, if they’ve got the money? Not the National Post!

That ad is so unbelievably offensive that I’m honestly having a difficult time processing it. “Canadian Values”? Not in MY Canada. My Canada doesn’t discriminate or spread hateful messages under the guise of “family values”. My Canada doesn’t think girls are morons who can’t handle and process information. My Canada is not homophobic, transphobic, or ignorant, and I am disgusted, enraged and horrified that something so fundamentally baffling, heartbreaking and AWFUL could exist in MY Canada.

OpenFile has a write up on the ad and the response from National Post, as well as the reaction from Twitter. Check it out. If you are angry, say something. This idiocy has NO PLACE in our Canada. Let’s turn the tables on the bigots and make THEM the “those people” – discriminate against the ignorant and hateful. Let’s see how they like it.

If there was any one thing that would make me change my mind about Team No Babies, it’s stuff like this – I’ve got half a mind to procreate out of sheer spite, just so I can raise an army of little Kimlis who are informed, armed with logic and love, and raised to hate only Cheez Whiz.

So angry.

10 thoughts on “no room for hate

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over “stop corrupting children.” I can’t even put into words how baffling it is that they think making a child afraid to be who he or she really is won’t destroy them. And of course it’s a religious group promoting this hatred. Only God can judge them, but they can still judge everyone else!

    I agree with your Canada. Apparently we’ve still got a long way to go. :(

  2. “The Institute for Canadian Values is a national think-tank dedicated to advancing knowledge of public policy issues from Judeo-Christian intellectual and moral perspectives, as well as awareness of how such perspectives contribute to a modern, free, and democratic society. ”

    This is so logically inconsistent it makes my brain hurt. Really, really hurt. I feel like smashing things.

    I am so, so SO very glad I sent Simon in his pink-striped t-shirt for preschool today. I had no idea I’d be reading this at 11am when I helped him pick out his clothes at 7:45am, but perhaps there was a whisper for the future that I needed a HAH TAKE THAT moment in my day.

    (No need to procreate just for this reason, Kimli… there are plenty of us doing it for you – we got ya covered).

  3. That is so outrageous. Thoroughly disgusted. I do have kids and I make a point of making sure they don’t grow up “confused” and I mean by being hateful to ANY person in the human race. It really makes it difficult when there are idiots like this. Thanks for the post Kimli.

  4. That ad may very well be the most Un-Canadian thing I’ve ever seen since we moved here. Everything about this country is the complete and utter opposite of that outrageous garbage. It’s hard to believe that there are people in my adopted country who even think that way, much less advertise that they do and try to persuade others. I would wish that they leave Canada and move to some other country more in line with their views. Like North Korea. Or perhaps the US.

  5. Wow….I had thought Canada was above the sort of craziness we Americans have to deal with…
    I feel so sorry for you guys now that the “religious right” is starting to appear up there.

  6. This is a great ad. It is disgusting that parents don’t have an opt out from the political brainwashing of their children by the state.

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