a heart full of neutrality

I am a human being with opinions, which I will share with you now.

On the iPhone 4S:

They’re not going to be for everyone, but one will be for me. There are three reasons I would upgrade my current iPhone 4 – a faster processor (check), a better camera (check), and more space (a very surprised check). I had planned on upgrading if either a processor or camera upgrade was announced, and both are coming PLUS the surprise addition of a 64GB model. Do you have ANY IDEA how many apps I could put on a 64GB phone? A lot. A LOT of apps. This pleases me.

I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 purchased with the intent of selling it (possibly stateside) when the next version came out, because I’d be eligibleish for a hardware upgrade at that point. My Grand Plan is right on track, and I’ll be attempting to renegotiate my contract with Rogers in exchange for a new phone. At least, that’s the theory. Whether or not things go my way is entirely up in the air. I will attempt to reserve a phone when they hit the web on Friday and go from there.

What to do with my current phone, though? Logically, selling it makes the most financial sense and would offset the cost of the upgrade. However, the thought of keeping it is pretty enticing as well – factory unlock = traveling fun times. I’m getting a UK sim card next week so’s I can flood your Instagram with pictures of Domo wearing wellies in a queue, and it’d be awfully nice to have worry-free data while in the US. I could get a pay-as-you-go sim with data, and go hog wild with the downloadin’ while in America. HMMM.

First World Problems, you are ridiculous.

At least the body shape is the same, so I can keep all my cases. If only I knew where my Hipstamatic case was.

I’m not even going to try getting the iPhone 4S until I return from London (TEN MORE SLEEPS), but iOS 5 comes out next Wednesday and I am excited for that.

On tacos:

I like tacos. This is no secret. Vancouver was once a desert wasteland of terrible Mexican “food”, but now we actually have some decent options to get you through your taco craving. Which is the best, though? It’s all a matter of opinion, so here is mine:

Value, taste, drug references: Chronic Tacos wins hands down. They’re my favourite taco joint (heh), and they’re opening more locations all the time. I’m a big proponent of finding “your dish” at any given restaurant, and once I found mine at Chronic I didn’t look back. I am in taco lust with their battered fish options, they have fantastic salsa, and they serve Coke on tap. The Chronic on Broadway is my favourite, but there’s also one at 4th and Burrard and another on Granville at Nelson.

Authenticity, taste, sign that means “fucking tacos”: La Taqueria on Hastings at Homer and Cambie at Broadway is delicious, there’s no doubt about that. They serve a wide variety of authentic taco goodness, including a number of really good vegetarian options. However, La Taqueria is not my go-to taco place for two reasons: their portions are fairly small, meaning you could spend $30 on tacos on a particularly hungry day and also their restaurants are TINY. It’s always busy in there, so it’s not ideal for a group or anyone looking to lounge over their food. Still, if you’re looking for tasty good times and want something more traditional, check ’em out.

Location, thrill of eating from a truck, cookies: TacoFino Cantina. There are two trucks – the orange taco truck that lives by the VAG from 11-3pm on weekdays, and the blue burrito truck that hangs out on Burrard at Dunsmuir.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not crazy about TacoFino. Their fish is done tempura style, and I don’t like it – all I can taste is the deep fried. Chronic also fries their fish (they do have a grilled option), but it tastes like delicious fish and not mega oil 8000 supreme. I just can’t get past the tempurriness of it all, even though everyone else adores TacoFino and you likely will too. I encourage you to discover your own favourite (the only topic on which my word should ever be taken as law is the never going ass to mouth), as my distaste for tempura is probably insane and not at all indicative of the awesome that awaits you at TacoFino. Besides, it’s not like I won’t be going there at all – they have a spicy chocolate cookie that is INSANELY GOOD and I will go there as often as I possibly can to eat of the cookie deliciousness. Until I make my own (and hell, probably even then).

A word of warning: I’ve only ever been to the blue burrito truck, which only sells burritos and the fish taco. The orange taco truck sells all the tacos, but no burritos. Plan your truck eatings accordingly.

So, there. I hope you will be able to sleep easy tonight, now that you are filled with my opinion of the new iPhone and Vancouver’s taco options. I know I will.

you are getting FABULOUS

2 thoughts on “a heart full of neutrality

  1. You could always use the I4 for UK data and then sell it afterwards. It will be handy for the trip for sure, but I can’t imagine keeping a $800 device purely for occasional USA roaming. I find the Rogers roaming rates criminally expensive, but have spent weeks in the USA and only racked up a couple dollars. There is a lot of wifi around :)

    I’m so happy that Mexican food has become trendy. Even more so that Baja/Cali style Tacos are suddenly everywhere, instead of non-existent. Having lived on the famous fish tacos in Baja, and sampled mucho Mexican fare in California, I’d say Chronic is the best California style offering. It’s also nice that they have normal sit-down restaurants with lots of space, and lots of menu options.

    La Taqueria is very cool in that they have traditional Baja style tacos in all the delicious chicken/beef/pork/fish varieties, but I agree – very small venue/expensive if you’re hungry.

    Everything I’ve tried at so far TacoFino has been mind-blowingly delicious. The fish tacos are pretty much identical to those in Baja, except they are $5 instead of 1 Peso. I can see how the tempura style Ling Cod could seem a bit mushy or oily, maybe you can ask them to fry it a bit longer so it’s crispy? The Diablo cookie is insanely good, please make me 10 batches. I will pay you. I hear they now have a chicken tortilla soup, which I can’t wait to try. Mexican soups are fantastico!

    Another decent option, surprisingly, is the convenient Taco Del Mar on Granville. I find it hard to walk by there without popping in for a couple fish or chicken tacos and a cold bottle of Pacifico. Also their hot salsa is actually spicy, which is a nice surprise.

    I applaud all these new Mexican food options that have cropped up in the last two years, I almost wish I worked downtown so I could try them all more often.

  2. It’s ironic that you posted on all the taco option in Vancouver since I just tried La Taqueria for the first time this afternoon. How could you spend $30 on tacos for one person? I had 4 tacos for $10.00 and was absolutely stuffed. They were delicious. Now I must try Chronic to see how they compare. Walked into the one on Granville last week before a film fest flick to see what the menu was like even though I wasn’t looking for a meal at that time. I must check them out to compare now that you’ve peaked my interest.

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