stay foolish

Everyone knows how Steve Jobs changed the world, and how his company is forever stamped on the face of the future (as dictated by handheld gadgets that allow us to fling cartoon birds at pigs). Whether you’re a fan of the products, a casual user, a neckbeard who refuses to use anything but Android or John Hodgman, Apple has seeped into our subconscious and culture. Love, hate, admire, or fear – you can’t deny that Steve Jobs was a visionary who played the game of thrones and won (then died).

There are a thousand websites out there dedicated to Steve and how he gave us the future in a neat little package, and I suppose this is another one. I admired his passion, stage presence, and black turtlenecks. I use and love the products, and always look forward to the next slice of Apple pie. Steve’s Apple gave and will continue to give us a lot – up to and including a wicked dance party:

All these songs and more have made it on my Happy Times playlist. Steve may not have made these commercials personally, but it’s all just a part of the legacy he left behind.

Rock on, Steve.

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