entirely too efficient

So, the iPhone 4S. Online reservations opened up last Friday, and while I wasn’t intending to sign up in any kind of hurry, I found myself awake at 4am. My bladder had woken me up, and instead of doing the smart thing and going back to sleep to catch the last few precious moments of rest, I instead picked up my phone and checked Twitter to see if anything interesting had happened in the 4 hours since I had last looked. A friend in Calgary mentioned he was awake because of his newborn, so he took the opportunity to virtually queue up for the new phone. Seeing his tweets reminded me about the online reservations, so I hopped out of bed and went to my computer to see if it was working yet. It was – I was able to log into Roger’s site and (eventually) requested a 64GB (that number still gives me tremors in my panties – SO BIG) Black iPhone 4S. I erroneously assumed that people would be clamoring for the white phones, so I opted for black – but my reasoning was backwards, and I would have been much higher in line had I gone with vanilla instead of chocolate. Still, I got myself all signed up and received my place in line: 545. Satisfied, I crawled back into bed for another hour of sleep before I had to be awake.

I’ve checked the site periodically over the last few days, and my number keeps going up. As of this writing, I’m number 490 in the list – I’ve jumped 55 spots due to people canceling or going with another method. Normally, this would thrill me – it’d mean I’d get my shiny new shiny that much sooner. Hooray! I likely won’t get it on launch day, but I’m sure to get it sooner than anyone in the list behind me!

I kind of forgot about one thing, though.

I’m out of town until the 22nd.

I don’t know how fast they’re going to ship these things, but there’s a very real possibility that I’ll get the notification that my phone is ready for pickup on Monday or Tuesday, and I will be .. well, so far away that Google Maps can’t even calculate the distance between Vancouver BC and London UK. That’s far. No one can pick up the phone but me as I’m the only one on my account, and I will likely have to give up my place in line and wait like some kind of commoner. This is unacceptable, except that I don’t really see a way around it so I kind of have to accept.  Boo! And it was such an awesome plan, too!

It’s annoying, but I can’t find it in myself to care all that much. Worst case scenario I’ll have to wait a little longer; best case I’ll have something to look forward to after my trip. In the grand scheme of my life, this isn’t even a blip. It’s barely a speck. It is a complete non-issue – I just had nothing else to talk about today.

Go away, headache.


5 thoughts on “entirely too efficient

  1. Is it an in-store pickup? You could probably go in with your ID and your husband and see if they will let you authorize him to pick it up on your behalf. We could even make fun Kimli masks for him to wear. Plural because I want one too.

    Boo headache, but YAY LONDON!

  2. Hey that new born guy is me!

    I think (if I remember correctly), they will hold it in the store for some reasonably long amount of time…

    I have been climbing up the ranks as well with my black iPhone 4S and am at space 120 now instead of 133. Rea on the other hand with hers has transitions from ‘In Progress…’ to ‘Open’ and no longer has a number. I assume she will get hers first because she sucks. I on the other hand will be stuck with this Blackberry from 2005 until sometime next year.

    • Didja read the post where I explained my tricksy plan to be able to afford the upgrade? :) It involves selling my old phone + a meager bonus from work; this isn’t an out of pocket whim!

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