polka dot princess

I couldn’t decide which video-game-reference-that-no-one-will-get to go to work as, so I was going to cop out and just stick my favourite sequined devil horns on top of my head and call it good. When I was getting dressed, though – a flash of inspiration. To the internet! I did the e-quivalent (get it) of flipping a coin, and polled Twitter: polka dots or stripes? The vote was 12 to 1 for dots, so I put together a last minute outfit and am currently at work dressed as a polka dot princess. Behold!

wanna play connect the dots?

I was able to put together a complete outfit of dots on things in my closet: my black and white polka dot dress, a reversible dot cardigan, a scarf, a necklace, a giant flower with dotted tulle, and ridiculous socks:

hee hee

Throw in a polka dot umbrella and iPhone case, and I had an outfit. I would have had a purse too, if I wasn’t already late this morning. When I got to the office, I raided the supply cabinet for stick-on dots and did up my tiara and glasses. I already had a polka dot mug for Diet Coke on my desk and a dot change purse from Harrods .. I could not be more dotted if I tried. Not bad for stuff I was able to pull out of my regular closet rotation.

I mildly regretting not slutting it up and going to some sort of Halloween party this weekend, but we ended up having all the fun ever. Evan is in town, and we’ve been working hard on him to get him to relocated to Vancouver from Toronto. He was Josh’s roommate in Calgary, and he went the wrong way when we all left town. We’ve already decided where he should live and who he should have sex with; all that’s left is the actual move. Easy!

Friday night was Fancy Taco Friday, and I dragged everyone to Chronic Tacos for delicious times and inappropriate conversation. After several hours of taco goodness and panties, we went back to Sparta to catch up on old times. On Saturday, they all went hiking at Lighthouse Park for the day while I cleaned the house in my underwear, then it was off for sushi. I hate sushi, but I enjoy hanging out – especially as we were going to be breaking some laws afterwards. With a bag of beer and fireworks we ended up on Third Beach blowing stuff up and putting on a show for the party boat in the inlet. It was excellent destructive fun, but we are the worst hooligans ever – after we used all the fireworks, we carefully combed the beach for all the debris and packed up our garbage and empty beer cans. Yes, we’ll defy local authority and commit some petty misdemeanors, but we’ll also clean it all up when we’re done. Take that, society! We are thumbing our sanitized noses at you!

we made trouble!

Josh and Evan stayed downtown while the rest of us called it a night on account of being old and sober, but the next morning we met up for brunch. The plan was Tomahawk, but J&S had to bail because of forgotten family in town – so I pulled rank and demanded we go to Deacon’s Corner. I reasoned that I had a lousy dinner the night before (I really don’t like Japanese food) and I’m not crazy about Tomahawk breakfasts (I can’t eat the bacon!) .. so if I’m going to pay for another meal, I want something I’ll really enjoy. My infallible logic won out, and breakfast was awesome. We took Evan back to his hotel to sleep off the rest of his Saturday night, and Ed and I did some errands before going home for an evening of hockey and Chinese food. It was the first real weekend I’ve had in Vancouver in a long time, and it was a really great one. It felt just like old times, which were the few times in Calgary that were actually fun – I needed that.

Evan flies home today, but I think we showed him a sufficiently good time that he’ll come this way for good. We’ve plied him with stories of our ridiculously mild winters and bountiful lusty ladies, so that should sway things in our favour. Yay for people relocated to Awesome Town!

they're all so YOUNG

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