“baby it’s cold outside” “UNACCEPTABLE!”

It’s very cold in my office, and I’ve been cuddling up to my space heater all morning. I was slightly worried about the radiation aspect of the heat blasting from my lil’ unit, so I was very pleased to find an alternative source of heat: RIGHTEOUS IRE!

I am no longer cold, because I am Outraged on behalf of Tech Support. RAWR! MY WRATH IS FEARSOME TO BEHOLD!

This is a totally energy-efficient way to warm yourself up – get mad at things! Social injustice! Being the 99%! Being the 1% and feeling totally persecuted about your riches! Wedgies! Everyone hates wedgies; get mad about them! I swear, it’ll warm you right the fuck up!

Less than 6 hours until FANCY TACO FRIDAY. Hooray!

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