the iphone 4s is old news

Yeah, your new iPhone 4S is great and all, but it’s so last week. Check out MY new phone:

it makes me, like, twice as cool as you

It’s the new Apple iPhone 8S: reversible, four camera, twice the Angry Birds power, and sleeker than shit. You’ve probably never heard of it before, and they’re super hard to get – you have to know the right people in the right circles. Yours is cute, though. I see them everywhere.

After some crunchy numbers and a great deal of waffling, I Made Up My Mind and upgraded to the 4s through Rogers. As incredible as having an unlocked iPhone in Europe was, I don’t think I’ll be going on any international trips between now and next September (and the iPhone 5’ll probably be out by then anyway). I did some research into getting a US SIM card slash pay-as-you-go data plan, but it’s not as easy in the States as it was in London and would be really expensive. That’s the only reason I would need an unlocked phone until next year, and I can live without it – I still have my cheap US roaming add-on, and there’s always wi-fi.

Also, if I sell my iPhone 4 (ps: buy my iPhone 4!), the upgrade will cost me $18.63 out of pocket. That’s much better than the $450+ I’d be looking at if I bought an unlocked phone from Apple. We’re in lock down savings mode – Xmas is coming, and Josh and Shan’s wedding is in April, and Ed suggested we go to London for our Ten Slash Fifteen next year. I need money for all those things, so I went the smart route. It is fun to be smart (sometimes). I will celebrate with tacos!

Today is made of good.


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