unofficial drumroll

This isn’t official until I go over every single iTunes receipt by hand and calculate it all, but according to SpentOnApps, my grand total for 2011 is $571.66. This is a significant (but unofficial) improvement over 2010, which clocked in at a startling $836.77, but I feel I can do better. I don’t have an iPad any more, which will help .. but I’ve been buying a few apps for my various Macs (most notably the $30 upgrade to Lion for my desktop), which will add up quickly. When my headache goes away, I’ll go over the receipts individually and see if the app is close – last year it wasn’t – and then I will average out my monthly spending. Spending some quality time wrist-deep in spreadsheets is pretty much exactly what the doctor ordered – after my NYE, I’m not allowed to have any more fun for a least two weeks.

My week suddenly opened up, though – my mother isn’t coming to visit for our post-Christmas extravaganza because I am fat. I admit that I zoned out partially through her phone call because she was going over her scratch ticket winnings in excruciating detail, but I’m fairly certain that was her reasoning for cancelling her trip. She also called me “sweetheart” a lot, which was weird. Maybe I should have paid attention. At any rate, I may go over to the island next week to visit HER, mostly because I want her Christmas gift out of my house – I wrapped up all her lacy g-strings in a box and hid them, but I still know they’re here. It’s likely why I can’t sleep at night.

accurate graffiti in the REI parking lot

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