drumroll 2012

An accidental nap had me awake at 1am, doing some triple-X hardcore full frontal data entry: I calculated my iTunes spending for 2012. This has become somewhat of a yearly tradition, albeit a sad and weird one – there’s anal retentive and then there’s a Beautiful Mind, and I’m one corkboard away from tracking patterns in string.

Without further ado and clumsy metaphors, I present to you my iTunes spending for 2012:

$606.24 (which is really $573.37 plus $32.87 in tax)

Break it down, now:

2012 Spending

pie charts: the flowchart’s homely cousin

I checked last year’s post and realized I never did get around to adding up all my receipts manually; instead relying on a known-to-be-faulty app to calculate it all up for me (according to the app in 2012 I spent over $1100 and it’s checking the same receipts I am .. and actually, I just realized that it’s checking 2011 AND 2012; it may be more accurate than I thought). I kind of feel compelled to go back and do 2011 now – I want to see if I spent more or less in 2012 (2010 was a banner year in ridiculousness), but my preliminary calculations have me at a hair over what I spent in 2011. I will blame the difference on an upgrade to Mountain Lion and buying TWEWY at full price for both iBig and iSmall – those three alone account for almost $60, which nicely covers this year’s spread.

Hooray for Sunday Night Trend Analysis!

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