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Two in a row! I’m breaking records like Suresh Joachim!

App the 2nd


Genre: Old-School Dungeon Crawler
Sale Price: Free

Dungelot is a casual dungeon crawler that you can play on the bus or while pooping (eww). It’s fun, easy, entertaining, and currently free – frankly, there are far worse things you could be doing with your spare time (like pooping) (eww).

Trivia the 2nd

Everyone knows Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime (because I keep bringing it up over and over again). However, even if you weren’t obsessed with Transformers in the 80s like some people and watched cartoons at some point, you’ve likely heard his voice. Cullen had/has a prolific career as a voice actor, and showed up in almost every cartoon shown on Saturday mornings at one point or another, such as Dungeons and Dragons (alongside the other Voice of the 80s, Frank Welker) and Dragon’s Lair.

Confession the 2nd

I’ve never actually played Dungeons and Dragons. I realize I’ll lose nerd cred for this confession, but let’s face it – I’ve got so much damn nerd cred that I can spare a little. Still, I have shame. I should fix this.

drumroll 2012

An accidental nap had me awake at 1am, doing some triple-X hardcore full frontal data entry: I calculated my iTunes spending for 2012. This has become somewhat of a yearly tradition, albeit a sad and weird one – there’s anal retentive and then there’s a Beautiful Mind, and I’m one corkboard away from tracking patterns in string.

Without further ado and clumsy metaphors, I present to you my iTunes spending for 2012:

$606.24 (which is really $573.37 plus $32.87 in tax)

Break it down, now:

2012 Spending

pie charts: the flowchart’s homely cousin

I checked last year’s post and realized I never did get around to adding up all my receipts manually; instead relying on a known-to-be-faulty app to calculate it all up for me (according to the app in 2012 I spent over $1100 and it’s checking the same receipts I am .. and actually, I just realized that it’s checking 2011 AND 2012; it may be more accurate than I thought). I kind of feel compelled to go back and do 2011 now – I want to see if I spent more or less in 2012 (2010 was a banner year in ridiculousness), but my preliminary calculations have me at a hair over what I spent in 2011. I will blame the difference on an upgrade to Mountain Lion and buying TWEWY at full price for both iBig and iSmall – those three alone account for almost $60, which nicely covers this year’s spread.

Hooray for Sunday Night Trend Analysis!