go play with yourself

I’ve drained the battery on my phone numerous times over the past week, all because of these:


Genre: Brain punching puzzle
Price: $0.99 (sale price)

The opening screen of this game says it is going to punch your brain in the face, and it does not lie. Puzzlejuice is a bizarre hybrid of Tetris and Boggle, and is COMPLETELY AWESOME. It will give your brain a shake and make you swear and laugh and possibly even wet yourself. It’s challenging, hilarious, and one of the most original games to come out of the App Store in forever. Get it now while it’s on sale, and strap yourself in.



Genre: Turn-based action RPG (with squids)
Price: $1.99

I am IN LOVE with this game. I wish I had posted this while it was still on sale, but even the regular price of $1.99 is completely worth it. The gameplay is great and the characters engaging, and I’ve been playing it pretty much non-stop since I got it on Tuesday. Can’t recommend this title enough if you like action games or tentacled marine life.


Hero Academy

Genre: Swords with Friends
Price: Free, with optional IAPs

Hero Academy is a turn-based multiplayer game like Words with Friends, but instead of tiles with letters you get dudes with swords and spells. It’s free to play (with ads), or you could purchase one of the optional team packs to remove the ads and give you a different set of warriors to play with. It’s fun if you’ve got people to play with – I have anywhere from 5 to 15 games going at any one time – and it’s really fun. Grab it and play me; I’m in as DeeAy (and I’m terrible at the game; you will probably win).


Triple Town

Genre: Match 3 Sim City
Price: Free (with optional IAPs)

I’m still getting into this, but it’s got rave reviews and an interesting premise: place grass and bushes on a grid (your town), and match three items to upgrade it into a building or tree. It’s a fun twist on the standard match 3 idea, and there are bears. It’s worth a look – I’ve only played it once because I can’t put Squids down, but I enjoyed what I’ve seen and will go back to it as soon when I am tired of sea creatures and want some bears instead.

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