I am SO EXCITED .. about the towels and bedsheets I just bought.

I’m not really sure what that says about me – that I enjoy the pillowy softness that bamboo provides, or I enjoy a good deal, or that I woke up this morning at age 85 and the thrill of new towels is about all the excitement I can handle. I’m sure if I thought about long and hard I’d be upset that something so ordinary – there’s not a sequin or corresponding iPhone app in sight – but honestly, NEW TOWELS! And satiny new bedsheets with no holes or mysterious stains! I am gonna bathe and sleep SO HARD.

For anyone who happens to be a) economical, b) wet, or c) easily excited about household goods, I suggest you get thee to a nood store as soon as you can. They’re sadly going out of business, but this translates into everything in the store being 50-70% off. I’ve often drooled over the furniture at nood, and it’s probably a good thing I technically can’t afford anything at all because I am a jobless drain on society, or I’d be coming home with a large number of things to assemble. Besides the furniture though, nood is chockfull of neat house items and their towels are fucking GLORIOUS. Shan, Miranda and I went on a towel spree years ago when nood first opened, and we’ve all taken advantage of the sale (um, and because they’ll be gone soon) to get some new ones. It’s really just a colour change for the thrill of drying ourselves off in different colours, because the towels we bought in the ago are still in perfect shape .. but there’s something just so sinfully fluffy about brand new towels that I for one can’t wait to drape myself in.

And if, while you’re buying yourself some delicious new towels, you wanted to pick me up the dresser of my dreams, I wouldn’t say no.

Last night I refused to cook dinner, so I dragged Ed Josh and Shan out to use some Social Shopper coupons we had picked up for Nando’s, which is quickly turning into one of our favourite places. Afterward, we went to Pinkberry (I still have mad ridiculous patriotic love for Qoola, but I would bathe in Pinkberry’s Blood Orange yogurt if I could), but for frozen yogurt and to use another coupon I had. Social Shopper is just like Groupon – emailed deals for local places – but they’re not fancy enough to have an iPhone app. I don’t have a printer, so I can’t print out my vouchers .. but it’s not really a big deal, because they just look you up by last name and cross out the voucher you’re using. Simple, right?

Except my Social Shopper account is tied to Facebook .. so every time I buy and use a coupon, I have to give them the last name of Wangzilla to look up.

It is surprisingly embarrassing to do. I don’t recommend it.

I do recommend a lot of other things like towels and chicken and frozen yogurt, so that’s fine – just don’t change your last name to something ridiculous in a misguided attempt at internet subterfuge, because it will come back to bite you in the ass in awkward yet comedic ways.

To hell with the internet! I’m going to go MAKE THE BED!



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