I started a new site called Manual Labour (get it?????) (also, you Americans can go to Manual Labor if you prefer) to showcase my technical writing work. I wanted a respectable online presence that I can direct people to if they’re thinking about hiring me – not that I’m ashamed of Delicious Juice or anything, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been censoring myself SOPA style this past month for fear that the wrong people might see. Now that Manual Labour has launched (mostly – the Portfolio page is missing several documents I’m in the middle of preparing for your consumption), I can resume talking about my vagina for hours on end. Hooray! My vagina is back, and it has SO MUCH TO SAY!

Say, someone should hire me. Soon, because I can’t afford heat. It may be a matter of not knowing how to turn the heat on as opposed to paying for it, but the fact of the matter is I am COLD AS FROZEN BALLS and none too pleased about it.

6 thoughts on “BEHOLD

  1. Umm… so you went to all that work to create a respectable online presence, and yet right there on the front page you practically beg them to Google you for the unemployable stuff. I have to say I don’t get it. Considering this site comes up #1 on Google for your name, I think you may have just wasted your time on the other site.

    • I’m not hiding 11 years of content or my personal blog – it’s impossible. If someone wants to Google my name, they’re going to find this site no matter what I do. Having a separate place to list my work stuff isn’t going to hurt me in any way, so why is it a waste of time?

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