hipster art

Truth be told, I’m a pretty lousy hipster. I don’t drink, so you’ll never catch me drinking an ironic PBR. All pants are stupid, let alone skinny jeans – the few times I was tempted to try on a pair I wanted to punch myself – and my glasses are much more sassy 1950’s librarian than detached aloof rectangle. I’ve never worn a pork pie hat, I really hate scarves with fringes on them, and my nerd style isn’t a style at all – I really am a nerd. I have an assortment of Lomo cameras but I never use them because I don’t have the patience for film (technology is AWESOME), and right now the biggest pain in my ass (other than my perpetual unemployment) is that I can’t play an old video game because the backwards compatibility needed to play it on my Xbox 360 is broken. I jokingly refer to myself and my friends as hipsters, but the fact is I’m about as much a hipster as I am a yuppie or SAHM or African-American haberdasher.

Since I’ve accepted that I’m not a true hipster, I decided I wanted to do something fun with my Lomo camera gear. At first I thought I would hang them from a mobile in my Lady Cave, but I realized that a) they’re too heavy for the mobile I have and b) I don’t have enough of them to make a decent display. I do have a lot of stuff thought, so I rummaged around in my many Boxes of Fun then spent the evening madly crafting on my floor. The end result was this:

it's art, damnit

dirty diana(s)

crazy compact chrome camera is cool; confusing

It’s a mobile made out of 20% Lomo keychains, my unused set of Holga filters, and embroidery thread.

I may not USE Lomo cameras, but I love how they look. When we were in London, we visited the Lomo shop just off Carnaby Street and drooled appropriately. Part of the reason I don’t Lomo is because I really can’t afford it – so instead of buying a camera or twelve I opted to buy a set of charms. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with them (if I carried every single awesome charm/keychain I own, I’d have to tote a suitcase around), but I love tiny things AND souvenirs so they came home with me and now they’re dangling from my ceiling. Hooray!

Making art is fun (and, according to my therapist, a very good idea so I don’t go crazier).

it was either this or gluing my cameras to the ceiling


One thought on “hipster art

  1. Awesome, now you can look up at your ceiling and remember the fantastic time you had in London. Better on the ceiling than in a drawer or box somewhere.

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