Shocking news out of East Vancouver this evening as a local woman discovered that dropping a camera on your toes hurts like a motherfucker. The victim (who has asked not to be named) dropped the camera this evening around 9:45pm, and immediately after was heard to yell “FUCK FUCK FUCK THAT HURTS JESUS CHRIST IN A PICKLE SUIT”, which we understand did little to relieve the pain. At press time, the East Vancouver psudeo-hipster was limping around her office pitifully, thinking about having another Diet Coke to soothe her wounded ego and toes.

because THIS obviously needs more goddamn damage

4 thoughts on “OW

    • That x-ray is actually .. 7? years old :) There are multiple stress fractures, bone spurs, and a general all-round deformity. Feet are supposed to look like this: ||||| .. mine look like this: (///> !

      And the remedy is either robo-feet (which my then-current doctor was afraid of doing because it was hella mad complicated and would require a total rebuild), or amputation. That being said, my feet are a LOT better than they were 8 years ago .. I would frequently be completely unable to walk due to pain, whereas now I don’t hurt unless I’ve been walking around London non-stop for four days. :)

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