the pinnacle of blogging

Judging by the smell wafting in from the hallway, someone on my floor is cooking their famous Extravagant Blossoming Onion Surprise for the AGM tonight. I can’t wait! Hopefully the smell will stick around all day, so I can wallow in anticipation for the meeting. I mean, I already have the non-stop munchies from my awesome THC toilet – the people in this building really know how to take care of one another. From the mysterious tenant (or former tenant) who keeps breaking into the storage room to the person who keeps removing all resident notices from the elevator (I’m sorry we used colour; it must have really hurt your eyes/sensibilities), I really feel secure in my home. Hooray!

Tonight I am sure to be the most interesting person on Twitter, as I plan to live tweet our AGM in the lobby. I didn’t attend last year – I looked through my archives to see if I wrote about why I didn’t attend but there was nothing; I vaguely remember being too sad to go – so this time I have to. It’s going to be really, really boring .. so I’ll bring along the internet, and instead of keeping my snark to myself I will share it with my captive followers. YEAH! EXCITING STUFF! Truly, this was what Twitter was MADE for!

I’ve been so anxious for the last two nights that I’ve been utterly unable to sleep. I hope this changes soon – I’m wearing out the refresh button on my keyboard.


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