i have no son

.. and significantly less butter chicken than anticipated, thanks to Ed’s heartless betrayal.

We ordered Indian food in on Friday night, and I didn’t eat very much – less than half of my order of butter chicken. I put it away in the fridge and planned to savour it later. Later turned out to be Monday, thanks to a whirlwind weekend of eating everywhere but at home – I was at my desk and hungry, debating ramen or crackers when I remembered my leftovers. HOORAY! I trundled off to the fridge with visions of naan dancing in my head, and grabbed my leftovers and a plate for some reheating goodness. I opened the container, and ..

Almost all my sauce was gone; scooped out by an unseen hand. I unwrapped my naan, and a big chunk of it was missing.

SOMEONE, not satisfied with HIS OWN leftovers, saw it fit to EAT SOME OF MINE.

I texted Ed my outrage (I may have divorced him via SMS), to which he feigned ignorance. He eventually confessed to taking “only a little” sauce (ie: all of it), but leaving lots of chicken and most of the naan. This is true – technically, there was lots of food left. I ate my fill, and had plenty of leftovers. That isn’t the POINT, though – as much as “Never go A2M” is rule number 1, “Don’t steal butter chicken leftovers” is rule 1.2. It’s .. RUDE. I would NEVER steal Ed’s leftovers or help myself uninvited, ESPECIALLY if the only reason I was at home to eat them in the first place was because I sucked a whole lot and refused to go outside to hang out or be social. It’s a Triple Betrayal, and I DO NOT CARE FOR IT.

Look, I know it’s not really that big a deal – but when you’re stuck at home with absolutely nothing going on, the little things are all you have to look forward to. I LIKE having lots of sauce in my butter chicken. I actually prefer it to having seventeen chickens. I am bored and lonely and more than a little sick of my own company. I’m on the verge of panic at all times about my employment situation, and I’m edging closer and closer to a swirling whirlpool of hopelessness and dispair. Is it too much to expect that my leftovers survive two days intact, especially considering we each had our own leftovers? *sniffle*

Yeah, I don’t have a lot going on right now.

One thought on “i have no son

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I also enjoy reading another blog*. Today was like a crossover episode of my two favourite shows.


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