when i’m down, down, down

I am not a fan of Leap Year.

The extra day in February pushes all other days out by one, which means my birthday – the 169th day of the year – is suddenly the 170th and that is NOT COOL. There is nothing magical about the 170th day of the year OR June 17th; 169 has to fall on 06/18 or everything ever is completely meaningless. I am offended by February 29th. Because of the extra day, my birthday is on a Monday this year. What’s good about a Monday birthday? Nothing, that’s what.

I’m a little testy these days. Between my never-ending unemployment, my wonky shoulder, and the tooth I chipped last night, it’s safe to say that I’ve been better both physically and mentally. I hope tomorrow will help – I’m getting my tooth fixed in the morning, then going for a haircut. I’ve got two interviews lined up for next week, and I haven’t officially been rejected for my dream job yet so I’m counting that as a plus. I’m nearly three months without a job, which is incredibly depressing – I wanted to be working long before this. I am bored. There is only so much laundry I can do.

I could use some good, I think.

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