ears: weird

Ears are weird!

My ear hurts, and I wanted to take a look at it to see if there was something lodged in there like an elephant or a totem pole. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to look inside your own ear, and Ed’s cursory glance and non-committal grunt told me nothing about the festering diseases lurking in my swollen canal. Not content to wait until he got home and demand he take a closer look, I thought of a brilliant solution: use my iPhone to take pictures of my ear!

So, I did. With some success, even – I was able to see why my ear hurt (ear syphilis). But then I got sucked into comparing my sore right ear with my normal left one, and now all I can think about is ears and how WEIRD they look close up (and how much my ear syphilis hurts). Seriously, try it for yourself and see. I used Camera+ with the flash and was able to get some great (disturbing) pictures of my ear holes.

Ears! Ears ears ears ears ears. They’re funny looking. And mine hurts. EARS!

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