all roads lead to space

I can try and change my title all I want, but I’ll always be an astronaut – it’s time to stop fighting fate and simply give in to my spaceward destiny.

When we first moved to Vancouver, we lived in East Van just shy of Burnaby. The location worked out well for us, because it was next to a train station so Ed could get downtown for work and pretty close to my space job on Canada Way. Years passed, jobs changed, and we moved to North Vancouver and back again. I desperately miss North Vancouver, but we’re close enough to it for now .. and I like our place, so that’s a good thing.

Also, it’s pretty close to my new job on Canada Way.

I’m working two buildings from the place I worked at when we first moved to Vancouver. That’s a pretty big coincidence in itself, but in three months our office is moving. Down the street. To the building I used to work in. On the same floor I used to work on.

I am actively gunning to NOT get my old desk back; that would be too weird to comprehend.

Who said you can’t go home again? After 6 years of non-space adventures, I’m returning to orbit a little bit older (truth), a whole lot wiser (questionable), and with a great deal more stuff.

Things are funny!

bound'ry rooooooad take me hoooome to the plaaaaaace i belooooong

3 thoughts on “all roads lead to space

  1. Congrats on your new job! That didn’t take long at all, not with your technical skills. You are in demand lady! You just didn’t realize it.

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